[UPDATED] Alpo Martinez Wife, Children, Bio,Career, & Networth

Alpo Martinez Wife, Children, Bio,Career, & Networth
Real NameAlberto Geddis Martinez
ProfessionDrug dealer
Age54 years old
Zodiac SignGemini
Date Of Birth8 June 1966
Net Worth$75 Million
ChildrenPaparazzi Po
High SchoolRoman Catholic school, Automotive Mechanical High School, Julia Richmond High School

Alberto Geddis Martinez, popularly popularly referred to as Alpo Martinez, was a prominent drug dealer in the United States of America. Martinez is linked to the sale of drugs, murder and other crimes of this kind. Martinez was sentenced to prison for 35 years in punishment for his crime.

Alpo Martinez Wife, Children, Bio,Career, & Networth
Alpo Martinez

Martinez is listed as one of the most wealthy criminals in the world today. Beginning from New York City, the drug dealer smuggled his business in all major cities of America. Martinez was the focus of lawmakers in the 80s. After being chased for nearly 10 years, police arrested Martinez in the year 1991.

From his inclusion on the list of most wanted criminals throughout the USA to becoming a household name in the world of entertainment, Martinez has experienced it all. Martinez is listed alongside other criminals such as Azie Faison, and Rich Porter.

A crime-drama film was released inspired and based on Martinez’s life. Charles Stone III directed it. In addition, the criminal was able to find his references in music works of famous artists such as The Game, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Future, Shad Da God, Pusha T, Drake, Meek Mill, and other artists.

Who Is Alpo Martinez Wife And Children?

There’s no information on Alpo Martinez’s wife on the internet right the moment.

We also have no clue as to whether she’s engaged or not. He also didn’t revealed any details regarding her personal details to the media.

Similar to when it came time to discuss his private life publicly and in public, he was quiet. But, it is certain that he was married and had children. But unfortunately, the identity of his wife was, however was not known.

Alpo Martinez’s Son: Popperazzi Po

Popperazzi Po’s age was 35 at the time of 2021. He was born on November 1 in 1986.

As per the astrological significations, his zodiac sign is Scorpio. He is the real Randy Harvey. 

Alpo Martinez Wife, Children, Bio,Career, & Networth
Popperazzi Po

His father, Alpo Martinez was an American drug Trafficker who died on the 31st of October 31st 2021.

His father was only 20 years old at the time Po was born. The musician was born within New York. His parents are of Puerto Rican descent from Harlem.

Popperazzi Po is now the chief executive officer of the label O3GMG. His YouTube page has more than 12.2 thousand subscribers at present.

Maybe, the musician is still looking for the perfect woman who will provide for his family and work while at the same time.

Popperazzi was raised by a single mom. His father grew the cocaine-dealing empire across New York in the old days. Alpo Martinez rose to prominence in the 1980s Harlem. He was detained in Washington for selling illegal drugs in 1997.

In the following years, Martinez turned informant and gave evidence against people who were in his circle. Martinez was then later sentenced to 35 years prison.

Paparazzi Po’s father died by a shooter in the area of Harlem on the 21st of October.

Despite being an addict, Po is a music lover and smashed the charts. Po is a father figure, even though he dislikes the path his father took.

Alpo Martinez Murder Details – Who Killed Him?

Alberto Martinez was shot and killed in Harlem early on Sunday according to a top police official.

At the height of violent drug turf fights, in the past three decades the cocaine-dealing empire of his father stretched all the way from New York to Washington, D.C.

According to police, Alpo Martinez, 55 was shot several times in the chest, the mouth and arm when driving in a Dodge Ram near Frederick Douglass Boulevard on West 147th Street.

The officers arrived at the scene at around 3:30 a.m. following 911 calls as well as warnings from a system that detects shots fired by gun. He was taken in to Harlem Hospital Center and pronounced dead at the hospital.

It is believed that he was murdered by his enemies. But, a thorough investigation of his murderers and the details surrounding them is not yet available. It is actually being investigated as of today.

Alpo Martinez: Summary Of His Drug Dealing Career

Alpo Martinez is a notable drug dealer and murderer in the USA. In the United States, poverty has forced people to commit heinous acts as was the case with Martinez. Being part of a black, poor family during the 1970s is an offense.

He was born into an ethnicity family of Puerto Rican origin within East Harlem, New York City, New York, USA on June 8 in 1966. The accused was a student at Automotive Mechanical High School and Julia Richmond High School but was unable to finish his studies.

Alpo began selling drugs in his neighborhood at the age of thirteen. As time went on, he began expanding his reach. A young dealer got to meet the former notorious drug dealer Azie Faison. In just a few months Martinez was able to establish an impressive base among the drug dealers within the area. Martinez was soon regarded as to be one of the strongest dealers of drugs within New York City. Alpo Martinez was among the richest drug dealers. The net worth of his business was estimated at $75 million.

To spread businesses, the businessman relocated his business to Washington DC. It took only a short time to stop the illegal dealing of drugs inside the newly-established city. Martinez soon became connected to drug dealer Rich Porter. After a short time, Porter was found dead in his vehicle. Martinez was found guilty of murder, but finding the killer was an daunting task for police. Then, on the 7th of November in 1991 Martinez was arrested on murder and drug-related charges. In the following days, he was able to pay all costs even the murder Rich Porter.

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