Are Converse Good for Boxing [Best Answer]

Are converse good for boxing

Becoming an expert boxer comes with a lot of training, sacrifice, discipline, and, most importantly gear. From hand wraps to skipping ropes to head gears to mouth guards to gloves to boots, to be a successful boxer is a lot of work. When it comes to boots, there are a handful of options available and if you are looking for great, low-budget options, Converse shoes come as excellent choices. In this article, I have presented facts and details on why I believe Converse boots are good boots to use for boxing. 

Converse shoes are not entirely bad for boxers. They are good training shoes and as a boxer, you can make do with them if you need shoes for boxing that are pocket-friendly and durable. If you have to use them to fight, then there may be some problems as Converse shoes are quite heavier than the normal boxing shoes, which should provide comfort and make your feet swift on the ground. 

Are converse good for boxing
Are converse good for boxing

Aside from the fashionable vibe that Converse shoes offer, we cannot deny the fact that it is a shoe brand known for various functionalities. If you are looking to box in Converse shoes, there is nothing stopping you. I will go into every detail subsequently and show you other important details about Converse and its usability. 

Are Converse good for boxing?

Yes, Converse is good for boxing when training or carrying out mild boxing activities. However, you’ll need to opt for a better option – in this case, a boxing shoe- if you’re looking to engage in a ring match or competition.

Converse are good options for boxers, especially during training. They have flat soles and thin canvas that can give a feel for boxing shoes, however, they are heavier than boxing shoes and shouldn’t be used in real combat for efficiency.

Aside from boxing, Converse can be used for other related sports activities, which I will highlight in this article. Also, I’ll be showing you if there are other shoes you can use for boxing and a number of the best shoes you can use for boxing. Follow me through this article.

Are Converse Okay to Box In?

Converse can be a great choice to box in when you are on a shoestring budget, but they can only get as far as being used for training. If you’re preparing to get in the ring, then you will need to get a boxing shoe as boxing shoes are way lighter than Converse shoes, which will allow you off some amount of weight.

If you are on a budget and cannot afford an expensive boxing shoe, you should opt for something that allows you to enjoy the game and at the same time protect your feet while keeping you on budget, Converse shoes are good options.

Are converse good for boxing
Are converse good for boxing

Best Shoes to Wear For Boxing

In this section, I’ll be giving you some of the best shoes you can wear for boxing. Check the list below:

  • Otomix Boxing Shoe (Best for durability)
  • Venum Boxing Shoes
  • Title Boxing Shoes
  • Ringside Boxing Shoe (Unisex Boxing Shoes)
  • Everlast Boxing Shoes
  • Adidas Boxing Shoes (Best Budget Boxing Shoes)
  • Lonsdale Boxing Trainers

These boxing shoes are all great. Your pick will depend on your choice and your wallet. However, you will need to consider the weight, sole, aesthetics, allowance/breath-ability, and comfort of the shoes before purchasing it.

Can I Wear Converse For Lifting?

Converse are good and can be worn for lifting. Though not your best choice, they can be used for weightlifting due to their design – flat, stable rubber sole- which helps weight lifters engage in squatting and other lower body exercise energetically.

What Can I Wear Instead of Boxing Shoes?

If you’re a newbie in boxing, perhaps just for fitness and conditioning, then you might not need a boxing shoe. You can wear regular sneakers or gym shoes instead of real boxing shoes. Boxing shoes are quite expensive, hence to cut down on your budget, you can use other footwear like Converse, Nike Blazers, etc during training but when engaging in sparring and fighting, you’ll need a boxing shoe as it is light and allows for free movement and pivoting.

But if you feel you want to take on this sport for real, then you will need to get a boxing shoe. The shoes I outlined under the best boxing shoes to buy section will solve your feet problem when you box. 

Are converse good for boxing
Are converse good for boxing

Can You Wear Converse For Boxing?

Yes, you can wear Converse for boxing if you are just training in it. As clearly stated, Converse will suffice as a cool option while training, but you may need to get something better when engaging in real boxing combat. This is because it is heavier than boxing shoes, which are light and designed to help boxers stay light on their feet.

Why Do Lifters Use Converse?

Lifters love to use Converse shoes while lifting because they provide stability and balance, which makes them suitable footwear for lifting. Additionally, Converse is cheap and is made with the perfect cushioning to help lifters stay closer to the ground. They also provide the right amount of protection for the feet, are comfortable with flat soles, plus look nice. These are some major reasons lifters use Converse.

Other reasons ‌lifters use Converse shoes are because they are low-budget alternatives to shoes that professional lifters use. If you are being frugal or do not have an elaborate budget for your lifting enterprise, you can use Converse shoes when you go lifting. 

Can I Wear Normal Shoes For Boxing?

No. You should not wear normal shoes for boxing. There is a reason ‌boxing shoes are defined. I prefer boxing shoes over normal shoes for boxing because they give you better control and enhance the way you move when you’re in the ring or training. They can prevent twisted ankles, jammed toes, and slipping on sweat.

Using boxing shoes during training can also be super helpful, as it keeps your focus while you practice your techniques. Wearing normal shoes for boxing will take away from the stated benefits above. This is because normal shoes aren’t designed to meet the demands of a boxer and therefore will engender problems when used in boxing.

Are converse good for boxing
Are converse good for boxing

Do Boxing Shoes Make a Difference?

Yes, they do. Boxing shoes make all the difference. Just as different sports require different and unique equipment, boxing does too. Boxing shoes serve the peculiar needs of the boxer. It helps him/her stay light on the feet and maintain balance while constantly moving around the ring.

The shoe helps to protect the feet and ankles of athletes, helping them to prevent jammed toes and twisted ankles. 

Are Chuck Taylors Good for Boxing?

The Chuck Taylor Converse is one that is highly recommended for boxing because of its excellent feet grip, flexibility, and flat soles. Not that it is an alternative for boxing shoes, no, but it is a great option when considering what Converse to go with. If you’re opting for a good Converse for boxing training, the Chuck Taylor Converse is a great option. 

Are High Top Converse Good For Boxing?

High-top Converse is relatively good for boxing training. Their slip-resistant soles are great for just any surface. You can make high-top Converse shoes for boxing when you are looking for a durable, low-budget option. 

Are converse good for boxing
Are converse good for boxing


Is it okay to work out in Converse?

Yes, you can enjoy workouts in your Converse. Their flat surface makes them comfortable and suitable for workouts. You can carry on different exercises using Converse.

Are Converses good for squatting?

Yes, Converse is good for squatting. It provides a firm and flat outsole that helps lifters stay stable and balanced.

Are high-top Converse good for lifting?

High-top Converse are good for lifting. They provide the needed balance and comfort which every weightlifter needs.

Are Converse good training shoes?

While Converse can be a choice for training, it might not be suitable for all workouts, especially where unique techniques are to be mastered. Aside from that, Converse are good training shoes.

A final thought on are Converse good for boxing

Converse have become regular at gyms, they are used as training shoes and the like. Though a good option when training, it cannot be an alternative for boxing shoes when sparring and fighting in the ring. This is because boxing shoes are designed to need the unique need of a boxer and Converse do not meet these specific needs.

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