Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Skating?

Nike Air Force 1 Good For Skating

Yes, Nike Air Force 1s are good for skating. They might be heavy and clunky, but if you have no other choice and you have a pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, you can use them for skating.

Although I did see that Air Force 1s need to be broken in before they start to feel comfortable while skating, other users have reported the same thing about footwear.

After they have broken in, Nike Air Force 1 sneakers should be durable enough to last until they appear worn out. Although I don’t skate often, mine is still in good shape. However, after your initial few skating sessions, some creasing can show up.

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Skating

Are Air Force 1s good for skateboarding

No, Nike Air Force 1s might appear to be skateboarding shoes, but very few skaters use them. The toe box is far too large and rectangular. Also, the leather is stiff and affects maneuverability.

The majority of users would only choose to use Air Force 1s as skateboard shoes if they wanted to avoid spending additional money and, in general, save time. Although this is possible, if you have the choice, consider purchasing skateboard-specific footwear. However, if you don’t have the option to buy brand-new skateboarding shoes, the Air Force 1 will work just fine for doing simple skating maneuvers.

Overall, the AF1 is a cozy everyday shoe. One could do worse than some Forces if they wanted to exercise, whether it be standing or walking around for a bit, lifting some weights, or playing sports. Yes, there are now better shoes for sports, and elite players must choose their shoes wisely.

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Skating

Is Air Force 1 Good For Sports?

Yes, Air Force ones were originally made for basketball players, so they are perfect for basketball. A pair of Air Force 1s can offer good cushioning and comfort, making them ideal for sports. In summary, Air Force 1 will benefit you when it comes to exercising or participating in sports.

The Air Force 1 is quite durable for casual shoes. I believe it is appropriate for gym wear because it can withstand abuse. Of course, it depends on the type of activity being done.

Due to its weight and dated technology, the AF1 might not be the best choice for a workout’s cardio component. A pair of forces, on the other hand, would be far preferable for strength training.

Nike Air Force 1 Good For Skating

What Nike Shoes Are Best To Skate With?

1. Shane Nike SB

Nike SB Shane is presented first. This shoe is designed for skaters that enjoy skating in an unforgiving manner without showing mercy to their shoes. These skaters enjoy skating carefree without worrying about how their shoes will hold up. The enlarged rubber toe bumper and the higher foxing tape, which enable the shoes to continue to skate without getting scratched and stay clean for the first few days, are obviously to thank for all of that.

2. Bruin Nike SB Zoom


The SB Zoom Bruin is quite handsome. Despite the fact that these are skate shoes, their design allows you to wear them outside of skating. The shoe’s sole is light enough not to obstruct your tricks or general skateboarding activities.

You will have the best experience a skateboard shoe can provide thanks to the outstanding grip and good board feel of the shoe. Be aware that the fit may be narrow for some people and that the midsole might be challenging to clean.

3. Nike SB Charge Slip

The Nike SB Charge Slip is also a good skateboarding shoe. Cost and lace-free features are two features that may appeal to any skateboarder. The shoes are affordable to buy and comfortable right out of the box, requiring little to no breaking in when you wear them for the first time.

These shoes’ soft padding contributes to the comfort they may provide their wearers without the necessity for an elaborate or complex cushioning system, as seen in the most expensive models from Nike or other companies.

Do You Need Skateboarding Shoes?

Yes, if you skate frequently, skateboard shoes are required. There is some subtlety here, just as running in any shoe for miles on end is still highly painful and unhealthy for your knees over time.

Although I’m sure there are professionals that can kickflip a board while pumping, I think that’s a touch excessive. For about a week, wearing inexpensive shoes is a possibility. I only hope your feet survive when you ollie stairs because you’ll shred them in a matter of days. Better yet, if you can get $30 skate shoes during a sale and wear them for six months.

Are Gum Soles Better For Skating?

Yes. The most effective kind of rubber sole for skating is gum. They provide tremendous grip in addition to being resistant to slipping and regular wear and tear. While cup soles are an option, vulcanized soles, like Van’s recognizable rubber outsole, offer more flex and traction for technical maneuvers.

It goes without saying that the outsole is the most significant component of a good skate shoe. Skate shoes, as opposed to regular running shoes, need gum soles that offer more traction when skating. Cup soles are essential to preserving flexibility and mobility, regardless of whether you have broad feet or require a more narrow fit.


Are Skate Shoes Necessary for Skating?

Skate shoes are a simple method to improve your flexibility and grip when riding. You will be able to grasp onto your board more securely thanks to the rubber gum sole and extra-wide base.

Are Air Force 1s Skating Shoes Good?

Yes. For everyday wear, canvas shoes are a reliable substitute for suede skate shoes. However, suede is more suited to withstand significant air. Both materials are incredibly flexible and soft.

What is the lifespan of Air Forces skateboarding shoes?

Depending on the type of feats you perform and how often you skate, skate shoes can endure for years. The condition of the grip tape on your decks is another consideration.


If you don’t care about them creasing, Air Force 1 is great for skating. As long as your expectations for a skate shoe aren’t too high, they’ll work just fine. While wearing Nike Air Force 1 shoes will make skating easy, you could be disappointed in how your board feels because I did not feel my board all that much while skating in them.

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