Are Nike Blazer Good For Wide Feet?

Are nike blazers good for wide feet

No, Nike blazers are not good for wide feet; people with wide feet shouldn’t wear these shoes. It has a sturdy upper sole made of synthetic material and a sturdy rubber sole and a very narrow upper,

The Nike Blazer is famous for its comfort and performance on the court, which means most types of feet can also wear it. However, some won’t be completely happy with the tight fit in the front of their shoe. You will love how they fit your body as you wear Nike Blazer wide shoes. They are tight and slim at the front, not suitable for flat feet. However, it should be noted that this sneaker has a size from US 8.5-10.

It cannot be easy to locate the right shoe size if you have large feet. Most sports and activities, like running, track, and basketball, put a lot of strain on your feet, so it’s important to take proper care of them. We will give you the breakdown of everything you need to know, from whether or not the Nike Blazer fits wide feet to how comfy they are.

Are Nike Blazers True to Size?

Are nike blazers good for wide feet

Nike blazers are true to size and are a perfect match for people with tiny feet. For both men and women, a size 8 is appropriate. More than 15 models and custom variations are available for the Nike Blazer shoe.

Male sizes in the United States can reach 17.5, while females can reach 14. If you want an extra room on the toe box, you should order a size higher. It takes some time to get used to these because they fit true to size.

Are Nike Blazers Narrow?

Nike blazers are not a good fit if you have a wide foot. On the other hand, they are very lengthy. They are best suited for slim feet. The Air Force 1 series is the best basketball shoe series, even over the Blazer series.

Wearing this shoe, you will notice that the bottom ankle is slightly wide. This is because of how the ankle support is made and how it enters the shoe. The narrowness and rigidity of the shoe will prevent you from properly fitting your feet inside your shoe. In summary, can large feet wear Nike Blazers? The simple answer is no.

How to Get the Best Shoes for Wide Feet

1. Create a Visual Comparison

Put the shoes next to your feet before trying them on, and gauge how much space they have between them and your feet. You want the shoe to appear a little bit wider. A shoe that appears small may fit your foot, but it won’t have enough room to walk around comfortably.

If the shoe appears too small for your foot, a new width should be requested. Shoes with a wider width are typically 1 centimeter wider than those with a narrower width, and vice versa for extra-wide shoes.

2. Bring Orthotics

Bring your store-bought or custom orthotics with you when you go shoe shopping. The type of orthotic you use may significantly impact how well the shoe fits you.

Normally, you take out the insole from your shoes and put a full-foot orthotic in its place. It’s crucial to try on shoes and test them with the insole or orthotic you intend to use because the orthotic is almost always thicker than the insole that comes with the shoe.

3. Shop during strategic times

Over the day, your feet expand. They might also be more worn out and sensitive if you walk a lot. You might notice minor fit variations when trying on shoes with your feet in this less-than-ideal condition.

However, those little problems can worsen after you’ve worn your shoes for a long run or several training sessions. For instance, if a running shoe’s toe box seems small at the store, it can feel even tighter and possibly painful.

4. Consider your sock selection

When selecting a pair of shoes, always wear the socks you want to use during exercise. You might own a variety of sports-specific socks as an athlete for various sorts of training.

Try on any new shoes you might buy while wearing any socks you intend to wear for the best shoe fit. For instance, a compression sock will make your foot fit inside the shoe more snugly than a wool hiking sock.

5. Take a short walk

You should try on any shoes you plan to purchase either at the store or at home (if buying online or the store will allow it). While shoes may feel wonderful when you first put them on, your feet may begin to cry for relief after walking for a few miles.

You can try on running shoes before you buy them at some running stores that have treadmills on the premises. Some people might let you go for a test run outside. Ensure the brand’s return policy permits you to return shoes even after a test run before making an online purchase.

What Is The Cause Of Wide Feet?

1. Genetics

Some individuals have broader feet by nature. You’re more likely to have wide feet if your parents do.

2. Fluid retention

Premenstrual hormone fluctuations or during pregnancy can also cause swelling. It can also happen as a side effect of some medications or as a result of illnesses such as congestive heart failure.

3. Flat arches

Flat arches can be inherited or developed. The feet become wider when the arch of the foot collapses. People who spend the entire day standing may eventually develop flat arches, particularly if they wear shoes without arch support.

4. Pregnancy

People frequently notice their feet getting wider during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. The ligaments can loosen a little bit due to hormones during this time, which causes the feet to become slightly broader.

5. Bunions

When the big toe is compelled to turn inward rather than pointing straight, these unsettling, bony lumps appear. If you habitually wear the incorrect size shoe or have a medical condition like arthritis, bunions may form.

Are Nike Blazers Uncomfortable?

At first, before you break them in, they could feel snug across the toe box. To prevent the uncomfortable break-in time, you might choose to size up by half if you have broad feet.

Until the Nike Blazer is broken in, you could find it unpleasant (similar to Converse). However, they probably aren’t the best for long hikes if you have large feet. You might find them quite constricted at the sides.

Can people with Flat Feet Wear Nike Blazers?

Nike blazers are not appropriate for flat feet. If you have flat feet, the contour narrowly turns from the silhouette and is likely to injure the sides of your feet. But wearing thick socks might be beneficial. The cushion complex is seen by many as beneficial for flat feet.

Compared to conventional wide-footed shoes, the cushion applies additional side pressure to the feet. The Nike React Infinity Run Fly knit 2, and the entire Zoom range is great options if you have flat feet. For long and slender feet, Nike Blazers are ideal.

Are Blazer lows narrow?

The Nike Blazers run narrow. They might not be the ideal choice if you have wide feet. It can, however, merely take you longer to incorporate them.

The Nike Blazer Mid 77, in the opinion of fashion experts and sneaker gurus, is not a shoe for someone who prefers their feet to feel light and breezy because they hug your feet tightly. Some advice getting a one-half size larger because it makes it easier to put on and take off.

Do Nike Blazers Fit Similarly Converse?

Although the throw styles of Converse and Nike Blazers differ somewhat in size, they are very comparable. Basketball requires Blazers, whereas skateboarding needs Converse. The shoes’ primary function is to give stability, not comfort.

Converse silhouettes become increasingly constrained, and I believe blazers are much more so. Even though both aim for a throwback appearance, you might want to skip the wide-foot option. In our article, you can read more about how Nike Blazers fit compared to Air Force 1, Vans, Converse, Jordan 1, and Nike Dunks.


What Is The Fit Of Nike Blazer Lows?

The Nike Blazer Low Leather is true to size. A half-size-up can benefit people with large feet who find the fit too tight.

Is the quality of the Nike Blazer Lows good?

Most mass-produced Nike Blazer Lows are of acceptable quality, but occasionally, Nike offers premium releases that are an improvement.

Are Nike Blazer Low shoes cozy?

Many devoted Nike fans have become accustomed to and adore the comfy fit of this sneaker. Despite a few minor flaws, the Nike Blazer Low LE remains one of the most sought-after shoes on the market.


Nike Blazers are quality shoes that are worth buying. Choosing the incorrect shoe size can have adverse effects. If you have broad feet, finding shoes in width you could be difficult to require. I hope you can choose shoes that are right for your foot now that you have this information at your disposal.

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