Are Platform Converse Comfortable?

Are Platform Converse Comfortable

Yes, platform Converse are more comfortable than standard Converse. According to customers, they provide the sensation of working on clouds. If you stand all day and want to wear platform Converse, you should size up and add an insole, so your feet have sufficient room.

Platform shoes are the best option for Converse, which are surprisingly comfortable enough to walk all day without hurting your feet. Those complaining that Converse sneakers are not as comfortable as most other brands will find this a pleasant surprise. Please continue reading if you wish to learn more about the platform converse.

Are Platform Converse Comfortable

What Makes Platform Converse Comfortable?

Converse sneakers with a platform have greater padding inside and a better inner design overall. This is because they have solid, thick soles that guarantee the stability of your feet.

Regular Converse sneakers are renowned for enabling users to lift weights easily. But be aware that the additional cushioning in their Platform shoe designs might not be the finest for supporting you while you carry big objects.

Non-platform shoes have thin, flexible soles that provide little to no support, especially for wearers who wish to wear Converse shoes all day without realizing what they are getting themselves into. So, when buying, choose carefully.

Are Platform Converse Comfortable

Are Converse Platform Shoes Good For Your Feet?

Yes, if you’re comparing Converse shoes without platforms. In that case, despite the negative image, their other shoes have acquired over the years, Converse Platform shoes are healthy for your feet.

Converse Platform shoes are not ideal for people with problematic feet. However, they are ideal for anyone who wants to wear comfortable shoes without sacrificing the Converse style and appearance.

These shoes are extremely gentle on foot joints, tendons, and muscles, which makes them less likely to hurt your priceless feet. They are also renowned for achieving the necessary level of forefoot control.

Are Platform Converse Comfortable

Are The Platform Converse Heavy?

The majority of Converse footwear is actually rather lightweight. The size 12 men’s Converse Chuck Taylors weigh roughly 0.87 pounds each and feel incredibly light on my foot.

Although they feel slightly heavier than the standard Chucks, the platform style is still easy to wear and comfy. Converse Chuck 70s are bigger and heavier than the original Chucks, but they aren’t uncomfortable on your feet. Yes, not all Converse shoe types have a lightweight performance feel, but many do.

How Much Taller Will You Be If You Wear Platform Converse?

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars are nearly half as tall as Converse Platforms, which increase their height by about 1.4 inches (3.5 cm). In case you prefer Converse shoes and would want an extra 0.7 inches of height.

An entire rubber piece that is about 1.2 inches long may be seen when viewing the shoes from the side. While giving the sense that the sneakers make you taller than they actually are, the rubber part is just that illusion. The insoles are placed below the outsoles.

Are Platform Converse Comfortable

Do Platform Converse Fit The Same As Converse?

The fit of Platform Converse is not the same as that of regular Converse sneakers. Consider that your size is 7.5. In this situation, a pair of Converse Platform 6.5s can be simply and comfortably worn.

Most people who have previously worn both their non-platform shoes and platform shoes concur. Almost all platform shoe owners advise sizing down from your real size.

To ensure that whatever shoes you purchase in the future will fit you properly. If you’ve previously suffered toe box discomfort when wearing Converse shoes without platforms, the toe box may or may not feel different.

Are Platform Converse Comfortable

Is Walking Platform Converse Easy?

Platform Converse makes walking incredibly simple. Customers have appreciated how well the Platform shoes are for walking for a long time across a distance, despite being slightly heavier than their non-platform shoes.

However, a small percentage of consumers have asserted that these shoes are not appropriate for hiking, making it difficult to answer the question of whether Platform Converse is simple to walk in. However, you won’t know unless you give them a try for yourself, which is undoubtedly the only way to be sure.

Is Platform Converse Really Worth it?

It’s only natural to think about the platform converse shoes’ various benefits and drawbacks before purchasing a pair. First off, many customers have complained that they are a little heavier than average and require some getting used to.

Although it adds some weight, the platform bottom still looks excellent. These sneakers are really cozy once you break them in. The fact that this shoe is available in a variety of designs and colors is its best feature. Although black and white are the most popular, you may still choose more colors with this shoe.

Are Platform Converse Comfortable

Which Converse Are The Most Comfortable?

Are Platform Converse Comfortable

1. Converse ‘Star Player’

This shoe is the most comfortable of its competitors. How did this phenomenal pair of Converse sneakers manage to win our hearts amidst such an absurdly vast selection? This is the scorecard for it. It provides a comfortable setting for our feet.

We wore these shoes for more than eight hours per day without experiencing any arch, Achilles, or ankle pain. It’s hilarious, admirable, and A+, providing the perfect amount of cushioning for our feet.

2. Converse Run Star Motion

Converse makes the Chuck Taylor All-Star and the Converse Run Star Hike, which has a thick platform sole. This reasonably priced Converse high-top raised shoe exudes futuristic flair in a contemporary design without sacrificing exceptional comfort. It is a modern take on a classic sneaker.

3. Converse El Distrito

You will not regret buying these comfortable shoes. The Converse El Distrito is a casual shoe with a classic look and modern comfort. It is easy to wear in all parts of your life. This is a high-end shoe with ankle and tongue padding and a luxuriously padded insole. Canvas is a strong material that comes in various colors to suit different tastes.

4. Converse Chuck Taylor ‘All Star’

As we did after testing the Converse Chuck Taylor All Leather Ox, you’ll be humming happy tunes when you wear Converse sneakers made from high-quality leather. This shoe’s exterior of supple leather poses no difficulty. Since day one, it has provided our feet with comfort. As a result, our feet were immediately able to adapt to the mold. We immediately felt a connection, and we loved it!

5. Converse Run Star Hike

The Converse Run Star Hike’s thick, jagged rubber sole elevates us. This trendy version of the Converse Chuck Taylor has a lot to offer besides the fact that it looks great.

In addition to style and personality, the sole of this shoe possesses a soul. The majority of Converse platform shoes lack only this feature. It has a robust sole with a jagged tread. It provided us with the stability necessary for safety during various activities.


When it comes to picking footwear, wearing something comfortable is of utmost importance. Platform Converse shoes are designed to be comfortable. However, like every other shoe, factors like sizing have to be considered in order to guarantee that your feet don’t hurt.

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