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Ben Mallah Wikipedia Bio Data

Real NameBenjamin Mallah
Age55 years old
Birth Date29 October 1965
Net Worth$250 million
Marital StatusMarried
Height6 ft 3inches
Salary$20 Million
ProfessionTampa Bay Real Estate Tycoon
WifeKarla Nila
Birth PlaceRockaway, Queens
Sexual OrientationStraight

Ben Mallah is an entrepreneur and a self-made millionaire who started from the rugs and worked his way to the top.

Ben Mallah is also a Real Estate mogul Who has made his fortune by starting from beginning to end. He acquires deteriorated homes and then repairs them and sell them for profits, and then invest the profits into other deals in the property market.

Ben Mallah Early Life & Biography

Ben was born into a poor family, and spent most times in New York projects.

He quit school at 14 and began working as a hustler. He worked odd jobs ranging including messenger work to office work up until at the age 17, when he joined the military.

Although his uncle was found guilty of a conspiracy to sell illegal drugs within New York, Mallah didn’t enjoy this lifestyle even though he was poor.

So, when he was asked to join the military, this was his chance to escape the savage city that he was raised in.

Ben Mallah Personal Life

Ben has become famous due to his Realtor business that involves the flipping of deteriorated homes, hotels and even stores. Ben is also active on social media, specifically on YouTube which is where he hosts the series Koncrete Life for Sale.

Ben is married to three children. He makes his family time his top priority. During the time he takes them on a cruise across Florida or the Caribbean and rents a costly yacht for them to spend time on.

His children have been taught by him to follow in his footsteps in Real Estate, with two of the longest-running and successful real estate firms.

Ben Mallah also loves luxury and comfort. He purchased an $1.5 million home for the family of Largo that features a wine cellar the home gym, an elevator as well as ample parking to accommodate three Rolls Royce, two Bentleys and one Porsche.

Ben Mallah Age, Height, and Weight

Born on 29 Oct. 1965 Ben Mallah is 55 years old today on the date, 24th January 2021. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall as well as his weight of 402lbs.

Ben Mallah Career So Far

Ben Mallah started working hard at an early age. At 14 years old, he was messenger on Wolf Street, he then worked in the office until the age 17 when he got selected to join the military.

Mallah worked in the military for three years, and after that his position was transferred into Oakland, Calif.

Then Mallah was just 22 and working a variety of jobs in the city in which he resided on the weekends to earn some extra money when his landlord saw his efforts and appointed him to the charge of the building and later , all of the buildings which the landlord was the owner of.

He was taught how handle properties as well as oversee the properties after being placed in charge of property management.

After leaving the army, he joined and joined Wilton’s Marwil Investments which were able to manage, buy and sold buildings, and later split the profits.

He started buying homes across California in order to find a serene location to take care of his family. He began to look at Florida.

His first investment was a house he bought for $9million , then sold it for $12 million. As a successful businessman, Mallah took advantage of the economic downturn to purchase properties for sale at a bargain price and sold them for an profit as the market was at its peak in 2012.

He sold properties that were worth $70 million. With the money he earned, he began investing in hotels.

Mallah has created his business empire, as do his children. part of it. They are also investing in the hotel business and operates seven hotels, which include The Sheraton Tampa Suites Airport west shore, commercial buildings along with residential buildings.

Mallah also is a car dealer, and one of them “1982-1989 era Batmobile “appeared in the film called Batman Returns.

Ben Mallah Height & Weight

We’ve observed the fact that everyone is curious to learn about the physical characteristics of their favourite personalities.

The beauty of the physical stats, their weight, height eyes color has always been a part of the picture. We’re aware of it. He is 1.91 meters. The weighs 181 kilograms at present. The weight can change often, so we’ve updated the current weight.

Ben Mallah Awards & Achievements

  • He ran a successful real estate business. He is also the host of a renowned YouTube series called” Koncrete Life of Sale.”
  • One of the vehicles he bought was used on BATMAN Returns.

Ben Mallah Net Worth & Salary


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In January 2021, Mallah is estimated to have his net worth at $250 million. His riches are derived resulted from flipping houses stores, hotels, and other properties and then selling them for profit.

Mallah started his business in the year Mallah bought a house that was in disrepair valued at $27500.

He then sold the house for $100,000. His estate is valued at $200 million and employs 500 people to run the business.

In addition to flipping, Mallah has also invested in hotels. These include The Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport Westshore and two commercial structures, and six homes for residents which is how he has built his fortune.

Mallah’s tale of becoming self-made millionaire is impressive, from humble beginnings to riches and navigating his passion for flipping property shows us that childhood isn’t a guarantee of our future success. Hard work is rewarded.

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