Can Air Force 1 Get Wet?

do nike air force 1 get wet

Are Air forces waterproof? Air Force 1 can get wet when exposed to water. The Air Force 1 is not typically water-resistant footwear. While others are completely waterproof, some are not. Water will soak up the majority of the Nike Air Force 1 footwear.

Air Force 1 is an American-made luxury item known to cost over $1,000.00 to make (not including the price of the overall product), making it a fragile, high-end item with a limited lifespan. In this article, we will discuss if you can “get” Air Force 1 wet or if they are so made that they cannot sustain any water damage or get wet.

Many people question if Nike Air Force Ones are waterproof because they are a well-liked brand of shoes. Numerous shoe styles, each with its distinctive design and intended use, are made by Nike.

According to some, they can endure some dampness, but they are not water-resistant. The white Nike Air Force 1 has been tested in water; they are not waterproof. The white Air Force 1 is easily soaked by water.

Can You Wear Air Force 1 in the Rain?

No, you can’t wear them in the rain. The old-school basketball shoe known as the Air Force 1 is one of Nike’s most well-known designs, but it is not designed with rain in mind. You shouldn’t wear Air Force 1s while it’s raining.

There are very few shoes that come with full water resistance. The Lunar Force 1 Duck boot Low has been upgraded by the Swoosh to be weather-appropriate in all conditions. The sneakers’ D-ring lace eyelets, Lunar midsoles, and treaded outsoles are made of water-resistant synthetic leather.

Your shoes will also require some cleaning after becoming soaked in the rain. You can buy a shoe cleaner made especially for Air Force Ones or use a moderate soap and water solution for cleaning. Whatever method you select, clean your shoes as soon as they are wet to avoid dirt or grime from settling in.

Can I Wear Air Force 1 in The Snow?

Yes, you can wear your Air Force 1 in snow. The Nike Air Force 1 Gore-Tex model is acceptable for snowy conditions. When you wear it, you will understand that the Nike Air Force 1 Gore-Tex model is a boot made for chilly conditions.  

It has a Gore-Tex upper, which is waterproof and breathable and will keep your feet dry in the snow. Additionally, the boot boasts a sturdy rubber outsole that can handle slick terrain. The Nike Air Force 1 Gore-Tex is a terrific choice if you want a boot that will keep your feet warm and dry in the snow.

How Do You Dry Air Force 1?

The first method is to place your shoes in a ventilated area overnight. If you have properly maintained your shoes (i.e., cleaned them regularly), this will help prevent mold growth on your sneakers’ insoles. If you have neglected this step, however, you should place your Air Force Ones in a container with an open lid for about 24 hours before placing them back into their original container or box.

Another option is to use a heat gun or blow dryer on low heat for three minutes at a time until they feel warm enough to touch without burning yourself, and then repeat this process until they’re completely dry! Be careful not to use too much heat; it could damage the material if used too frequently or for too long periods of time at one time!

Will Air Force 1 Get Ruined In The Washer?

Shoes should not be washed in a washing machine, according to Nike. The easiest way to ensure your shoes won’t be unintentionally damaged during washing is to hand wash them properly.

Additionally, washing large objects inside your washing machine, such as sneakers, runs the risk of causing damage. Brushing sneakers with a gentle cleaning solution and letting them air dry are the best ways to clean sneakers without harming them. When cleaning some materials, like suede, it’s crucial to use extra caution.

How Can I Get the Smell Out of My Air Force 1?

Cleaning the smell out of your shoe with a moist towel should do the trick. You might also use a soft toothbrush to clean the inside of the shoe. Use the brush to thoroughly clean the shoe’s interior, paying special attention to the leather’s exterior.

Apply a sneaker protectant on the interior of your sneakers to get rid of odors. Typically, any shoe can be cleaned with this spray. It functions by putting up a permeable barrier against stains and freshness. The key is completely covering your Air Force 1 with the spray before letting it sit overnight. Applying a liberal amount of baking soda will help neutralize the microorganisms that cause odors.

How Can I Clean My Air Force 1 of Creases?

You might have noticed a lot of do-it-yourself instructions for removing wrinkles from Air Force 1. To sterilize your AF1s, some users have had luck using a hair dryer or socks. These remedies, meanwhile, might not be as efficient as wetting your sneakers and pressing them on top of the problem area. You can get rid of shoe wrinkles with a moist towel. The secret is to iron the t-shirt gently while wrapping it around the shoe’s toe box.

Can You Put Air Force 1 In The Dryer?

Before putting the shoe in the dryer, select a gentle cycle and make sure it is totally dry. You may take a few simple actions to avoid destroying your pair. Shoes should be put in a laundry bag when the laces are removed.

When washing, please keep the shoes away from sources of direct heat. Additionally, you can use lighter fluid to bleach the white shoe soles. Try cleaning your Air Force 1s using a magic eraser to keep them from smelling bad. Before exerting pressure, make sure the eraser is completely airtight. By doing this, you can be sure the solution won’t wash off the shoes.


We’ve talked about how Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are water-resistant. None of the Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are waterproof, except the Gore-Tex version. If wearing a waterproof Nike Air Force 1, keep that in mind. Gratitude for reading is expressed. You must have enjoyed it, I hope. Should you have any queries, leave a remark.

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