Can you play basketball in Vans?

Can you play basketball in vans?

Yes. You can play basketball in vans for a short period. But you shouldn’t play basketball in them for a long time because they don’t have enough room to breathe, have flat rubber soles, and don’t have enough cushion. They are too light and lack high tops.

Can you play basketball in vans?

Basketball players need several essential pieces of equipment, such as basketball shoes, in order to compete and play this game. As they move around the basketball court, jumping, and running, the appropriate basketball shoes will protect their ankles and feet from harm.

Several shoes have been recommended as good basketball shoes, and others have been rejected. One of such rejection is the Vans shoe. According to several reviews, vans’ shoes lack certain amenities that make them unsuitable for playing basketball. 

Why Vans Are Not Good For Basketball [ Watch Video]

VIDEO: Can you play basketball in Vans?

Playing basketball in vans for a long period is not advisable. I’ve outlined four reasons why you shouldn’t play basketball in Vans shoes for an extended period of time below.

I recently researched basketball shoes to discover why some shoes are used for this game and others are not. During my talks with a couple of basketball players, I found out why they require certain kinds of shoes to play this sport. I have relayed my findings under several subheadings.

These subheadings will explain why vans shoes are not recommended as good basketball shoes and what any shoe must have for it to be good for playing basketball. 

1. Vans have flat rubber soles and poor cushion 

Vans shoes are designed with vulcanized rubber flat soles and have little to zero cushions in them. Cushions act as shock absorbers to help reduce the shock while landing the feet on the ground. As you know, playing basketball requires a lot of jumping and moving around. It would be best if you had shoes with proper cushions to keep your feet and heels safe with all this jumping.

You may get many injuries on your feet, heels, and even joints without well-cushioned shoes. Vans shoes do not have cushions, so playing basketball in them can be dangerous to your feet and heels. 

Can you play basketball in vans?
Can you play basketball in vans?

2. Vans shoes are too light for Basketball 

Vans shoes are way too light for playing basketball.

Proper basketball shoes come with high tops, original leather build, and lots of cushioning; these make them heavy. On the other hand, Vans do not have any of these, making them too light to be basketball shoes. Asides from your feet and heels being in danger when you play basketball in vans shoes, you will also be uncomfortable running around and playing in them because they don’t give that basketball shoe feel.

3. Vans do not have high tops

The third reason why vans shoes are not good for basketball is their lack of high tops. High tops are used to cover and protect the ankles while playing basketball. Vans are made with low tops: they are not high enough to properly cover and protect your ankles. So when playing in them, the chances of your ankles being exposed to injury are very high. 

4. Vans do not have enough breathability 

Because of the manner in which they are made, Vans shoes do not offer enough breathing space. As I said earlier, playing basketball involves a lot of running and jumping.

To properly do this, you need shoes with enough breathability to allow you to flex and move your toes and feet while you play. Vans shoes do not have enough space for this, and their toe boxes are too small to let your toes move freely. Playing basketball in vans shoes will be like playing basketball with your feets caged.

5. Vans Have Poor Cushioning For Basketball

As I noted earlier, cushioning helps to distribute weight properly and reduce the impact of hitting the ground on your feet and body’s joints. 

Vans shoes are made with vulcanized rubber outsoles which provide strong grips on the ground and are extremely durable. But they are not suitable for basketball because they do not provide enough cushioning to absorb the impacts your feet feel when they hit the ground.

6. Vans Do Not Have Ankle Support For Basketball

Vans shoes have lower uppers, so they do not offer ankle support and protection when playing basketball. Basketball involves a lot of jumping and running on the court, so wearing shoes that will secure and support your ankles is advisable to limit the risk of injuries. 

There is no way you can effectively play like this. 

Can you play basketball in vans?

What shoes can you play basketball in?

Before getting basketball shoes, it helps to know what kind of player you are. Are you the type that can shoot a ball from a long distance or at close range? Details like this will help you pick a shoe that fits your playing style. 

Generally, to get a good shoe you can comfortably play basketball in, there are three things you must watch out for:

1. The Upper

When deciding on the type of upper you want your basketball shoe to have, the first thing to consider is the height you want. Uppers in basketball shoes come in 3 heights; high, mid, and low heights. 

High: High uppers wrap your ankle to provide an extra layer of support and stability. This extra support and protection are good; however, they make the shoe heavy, which can make flexibility while you play difficult. 

Mid: You already guessed it; mid-uppers provide medium ankle support. They sit right on the upper to protect. They don’t go above it like high uppers. Also, they are not so heavy, allowing flexibility when playing. 

Low: Following the order of things, you must have already guessed by now that low ankles will be light and, as such, suitable for spread, agility, and flexibility, which is correct. However, they offer little support and protection to the ankles. 

2. The Midsole

Once you’ve decided on the type of upper you want, the midsole is another thing to look out for. A good basketball shoe should have well-cushioned midsoles. This is an essential section in a basketball shoe. A well-cushioned midsole can adequately manage all the shocks from jumping and running when playing basketball.

3. The Outsole 

A shoe’s outsole serves as the point of traction for your feet. Traction helps you secure a good grip on the ground, preventing you from slipping or sliding on the basketball court.  When choosing a basketball shoe, search for a flat and wide outsole to provide maximum balance. For a firm grip, look for outsoles with herringbone or hexagonal pattern; outsoles with these patterns can secure your feet and prevent you from sliding up and down on the court.

Can you play basketball in vans?

What are Vans shoes good for?

Vans shoes are great for state boarding. The Vans Company was the first company to make shoes that were made specifically for skateboarding. Van’s outsoles are flat and grippy, which offers a firm grip on the skateboard. 

Also, I have read several good reviews, and they all recommend vans shoes for doing lifts. These shoes have a zero heel-to-toe drop, which places them flat on the ground, giving them proper balance and stability.

Can you play basketball in vans?
Can you play basketball in vans?


Can you use Vans for sports?

Vans shoes should not be used for sports as they lack enough cushioning to absorb the shock the feet feel when doing sports.

Can you play basketball in Converse?

Yes! You can play basketball in Converse. They were previously known as Chuck Taylors, which was one of the most popular shoes to play the sport of basketball! They are still good shoes to play the sport since they have a high-top one for ankle support and a good non-slippery sole.

Are Vans athletic shoes?

NO! Vans is a skateboarding shoe brand. They were originally designed for skateboarding and lacked the basic amenities athletic shoes require, like cushioning, high tops, and sizeable toe boxes.

Is it OK to play basketball in running shoes?

The short answer to whether you can play basketball in running shoes is: Yes, you can. Most running shoes enable you to move and spring off hard surfaces without slipping or sliding. The key is to play with a good running shoe, so you don’t sustain injuries while you play.

Are Vans sk8 hi-top suitable for basketball?

The Vans sk8 hi-top is made with well-padded rubber waffle outsoles, so they are good to play basketball in. Their soles have enough cushions to absorb the shock of running and jumping when playing basketball. However, several reviews have claimed that if you play basketball with the Vans sk8 hi-top for too long or too much, the sole will get ruined.


Vans shoes are not built for playing basketball. They are not equipped with most of the essentials basketball shoes need to have. They do not have a cushion, high tops, or enough breathability and are way too light to be used in playing basketball. 

In my interview with several basketball players, they wore shoes with relatively flat and wide soles with herringbone or hexagonal patterns. These shoes enable them to move freely on the basketball court without slipping or sliding. I noticed several of them on the Air Jordan 36, Nike Kobe IV,  Nike Air Zoom Huarache 64, and Nike LeBron Zoom VII. 

Using the right shoes when playing basketball is important. They play a vital role in keeping you away from the bench. Apart from skill, it would be best if you had good shoes. I hope the requirements of a good basketball shoe listed in this article help you find the right pair to battle with on the court.

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