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Daijah Wright

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Daijah Wright
Daijah Wright
Real NameDaijah Wright
Date of Birth26 September, 1995
Zodiac SignVirgo
Age25 years
ParentsEazy-E and Tomica woods
Height5ft 4inch
Relationship StatusNot Available

Daijah Wright is the famous daughter of the late American singer and rapper Eric Lynn Wright aka Eazy-E. She is a performer and rapper and her latest track, Apeshit, is available on iTunes.

Daijah Wright was born in the United States of America in November 1996 to parents Eric Lynn Wright and Tomica Woods. Daijah Wright has an American with Afro-American roots.

There are 11 step-siblings in her family due to her father’s relationship with eight different women. Lil Eazy E, Marquise Wright Raven Wright, Elijah Wright, David Wright, and Erin Bria Wright are her stepbrothers. She’ll be 24 older and five feet and 4 inches tall by 2021.

Daijah Wright was born on the 26th of March, 1995 in Compton, California, to Eric Lynn Wright aka Eazy-E. His father was employed by the postal service, while his mother was an administrator in a school.

He was an incredibly well-known rapper producer, songwriter and businessman who was from America. United States. Also, he was the creator of the N.W.A. hip-hop group.

Straight Outta Compton, the group N.W.A.’s debut studio album, it was launched in. The album would go on to be a huge success, and is ranked among the top and most influential albums ever.

Daijah the younger sibling lives happily and her entire family at Compton. She is always posting her photos as well as videos to social media. She has also been featured as a guest on Eazy-E songs.

In addition, he earns an excellent pay for his work as an artist. One can imagine that having inherited a share of the money Eazy-E made in his $ 8 million.

Daijah is also featured on Daijah was also featured in Season 3 premiere of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta in which the rapper Da Brat met with hip legendary Debra Antney to create an Artist Boot Camp.

The program is designed to foster and encourage the next generation of musicians in Atlanta. They looked at the bright and new star who was as portrayed by the daughter of the late N.W.A. rapper Eazy-E.

When did Eazy-Father E die?

On the 26th of March 1995 at Los Angeles, California, the legendary Eazy-E rapper of the past died. He died at thirty years old. He was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. was discovered. As per reports, the man passed away due to an AIDS-related lung infection.

Daijah Wright’s Net Worth

Daijah Wright’s net worth at present is not known. As of the beginning of January in 2021, she was thought to have a million-dollar net worth.

The wealth she has amassed was due to her career in music. Her father who died in her late years, Eric Lynn Wright aka Eazy-E, on one side, was a staggering $8 million in net wealth at the point of demise. He was the creator of the N.W.A. hip-hop group.

Her maternal grandmother, Tomica Wright, has an impressive $10 million net worth by 2021. The actress is an acclaimed producer as well as businesswoman.

Daijah Wright Relationship Status

Daijah hasn’t revealed any details about her relationship with a man. She’s kept all her personal details from the press on the low.

Wright seems to be focusing her energy at present on her career. She also is also a pet owner of more than one Australian Shepherd named Kovu as her pet.

Daijah Wright Height

Daijah stands at 5 feet and 4 inches (1.64 meters) tall and has an average height of 1.64 meters. She has also kept her body in great shape, though she hasn’t announced her weight to date. Also, she has a black hair color as well as an attractive pair of eyes that are black.

Daijah Wright Age

Daijah Wright was born in the United States of America in November of 1996 as the daughter of Eric Lynn Wright and Tomica Woods. Daijah Wright is American, and is Afro-American origin.

The marriage of her father to eight women has resulted in 11 step-siblings that she has. Lil Eazy E, Marquise Wright Raven Wright, Elijah Wright, David Wright, and Erin Bria Wright are her step-siblings. She’s aged 24 and is 5 feet 4 inches tall by 2021.

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