Do Jordan 11s Crease?

Do Jordan 11s Crease

Yes, Jordan 11s like any other leather shoe, will crease with age and constant use.  Although the leather on the upper of the Jordan 11s is patented, it is easily creased. As a result, the midsole and the area around the ankle may wrinkle.

This article will highlight a variety of Jordan creases as well as many other intriguing characteristics. Without further ado, let’s get into the specifics of how to fix Jordan 11’s creases.

Do Jordan 11s Crease

Can you Remove Creases From Nike Jordan 11s?

Yes, it is possible to eliminate the creases on your Nike Jordan 11s. Use an iron and a steamer to remove the creases and restore the shoes’ original shape. Fill the shoe with rags to give it shape, and then steam and iron it until the wrinkles are gone, using a cloth as protection.

However, if you use the right product and follow the steps correctly, you can get them looking good again in no time

How do you stop Jordan 11s from creasing?

1. Adjust the tension on your shoelaces.

Incorrect shoelace tightening might result in creases because it leaves too much room for foot mobility and shoe wear. Additionally, it could shield your toenail from bruises and blisters caused by foot movement. To keep yourself comfortable and prevent creases, simply tighten your shoelace appropriately and snugly to fit.

2. Utilize shoe trees

The greatest way to avoid wrinkles on the Jordan 11 is with shoe trees. Shoe trees come in a variety of varieties. I advise utilizing a wooden one. Put the shoe tree back into your shoe after each wear so that it keeps its shape. If you want to stretch the shoe evenly all the way through, shoe trees are preferred above other options like socks or paper balls.

Do Jordan 11s Crease

3. Avoid wearing shoes a lot.

Avoid using your shoes constantly to prevent creases from occurring. It is advised that you have two or more pairs of shoes you can wear to work. Your shoes will flex and wrinkle more as they get older. To prevent wearing out too quickly from misuse, you might alternate between your two pairs of shoes.

4. Walk correctly.

You must walk properly to avoid your shoes creasing. Avoid walking on your toes because doing so wrinkles your shoe. Toe walking refers to walking with your toes in contact with the earth or floor rather than your heels.

To prevent your shoes from creasing, you might walk in heels. Your shoes’ upper material can straighten and flatten as a result. Additionally, you won’t strain your legs or your shoes by working too hard.

5. Utilize crease Protectors

To avoid wrinkles on your Jordan 11 when wearing them, apply crease guards. Plastic inserts called crease protectors are made to keep shoes from creasing while you’re wearing them. Installation is straightforward. Push the crease protector up to the toe inside the shoe.

Do Jordan 11s Crease

Should I worry about Jordan’s 11s creases?

There is nothing to be concerned about, but you should know what causes creases in shoes and how to prevent them. It is also important to note that creasing has nothing to do with the leather’s quality.

Being a natural substance, leather is supple, flexible, and gets more malleable with use. The way full-grain leather shoes mold to your foot over time adds to the excitement and pleasure of wearing them.

Is it normal for Jordans to crease?

Yes, it is. If you wear your Nike sneakers frequently enough, a crease will appear on any shoe. The material in the shoe compresses as a result of the movement, which may result in an ugly crease or wrinkle. Suede, canvas, and leather are all vulnerable.

Unfortunately, all shoes, including boots, sneakers, and other footwear, will undoubtedly crease over time. You can move while wearing them because of this. When you walk, your shoe naturally bends, which leads to creases over time. If your shoe didn’t move with your foot, you would probably feel rather awkward.

Do Jordan 11s Crease

What causes shoe Creasing?

The design and material of your shoes induce creasing. One example is that the shoe will crease and show creases if the material and surface are not completely smooth.

As you can see, expensive shoes can maintain their shape and avoid creasing when built from high-quality materials. For instance, the materials used to create Nike shoes include rubber, leather, foam, and cloth.

By weight, rubber makes up the bulk of it, whereas foam makes up the majority of the composition. Indeed, Nike makes stylish, functional hiking shoes. The creasing is lessened while using such materials.

Do Jordan 11s Crease

Are crease guards uncomfortable?

Crease guards made of foam are designed to be comfortable for wearers. Since foam crease protectors are less rigid than plastic guards, many individuals find them to be more comfortable.

The majority of crease guard styles have ventilation holes for breathability, and some enhanced models come with adhesive backing to assist keep them firmly attached to the front of your shoe. Crease protectors can be used for a variety of shoes, including Jordans and Air Force 1s.

Can I remove creases from my Jordan 11 shoe ankle?

Ankle creases can easily be removed by using an iron. The Jordan 11 from Nike has a tad of a high top. Consequently, you have a larger workspace. To execute the procedure, you will need a damp towel and some paper balls or socks.

Start by placing some socks or papers inside the shoe. Ensure that they are pressed up against the back of the shoe. You’ll have a stable surface to work against. Tie the laces to make the surface as durable as you can. Now, apply heat to the ankle region while still using the damp cloth as in the earlier techniques. Repeat the method several times to get rid of the wrinkles.

Do Jordan 11s Crease


Your shoe wrinkles can now be easily removed. Everyone dislikes having creases on their Jordan 11. With this article, you can take good care of your shoe. You are welcome to leave comments regarding this issue in the space provided below. We are appreciative and happy to read them.

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