Do Nike Blazers Crease?

Do Nike Blazers Crease (3)

Yes, Nike Blazers creases as they age and become more worn. The most effective way to remove creases is to place a damp hot towel over the shoes and then steam them.

The uppers of the Nike Blazers are predominantly composed of leather and synthetic materials. They are rigid, but the upper portion of the bike blazers moves with your leg as you walk. This action causes a crease with constant use.

This article will explain what causes creases in Nike blazers and how to fix them. My recommended fixes are based on my experience as a nike blazers owner for over five years and are fixes that I have personally tried and found to be effective. They may not work for everyone, but they are worth trying.

Do Nike Blazers Crease?

How Long Do Nike Blazers Last Before Creasing?

After a year of constant use, your Nike blazer may begin to show creases. Furthermore, the material determines how quickly a shoe creases. It also depends on how much pressure you put on the shoe.

Leather and synthetic materials comprise the bulk of the Nike Blazers’ construction. The crease will happen fast if the cloth is overly rigid. It takes longer for softer materials to wrinkle.

How to Get Rid of Creases in Nike Blazers

The crease will inevitably appear if you frequently wear your Blazers. The good news is that your shoes’ crease won’t last forever. This issue is very much solvable. All you need is some supplies and some time. The most typical solution is to use heat to undo the crease. Let’s examine different approaches to doing it.

Method 1: Rub Hot Steaming Towel Over Your Nike Blazers

The crease can be removed by rubbing a hot, steaming towel over it. There is a minor possibility that the shoe could be destroyed if heat is used, thus some individuals choose not to. If so, you should consider purchasing shoe conditioners. You must coat the entire shoe with conditioner. The crease will gradually disappear after some time.

Method 2: Use Hot Iron On A Wet Cloth

Directly place a wet cloth over the wrinkle. Choose the lowest heat setting for your iron for clothes. Next, iron over the fabric. No more than 10 seconds should be spent ironing the piece of fabric. The fabric can be folded over if you are concerned about hurting your shoe. Keep an eye on the crease between to prevent harm.

Do Nike Blazers Crease?

Method 3: Use a Hairdryer

You can use a hairdryer to remove creases from your bike blazers. You must hold the dryer 20 to 25 cm from the shoe when using a low heat setting. A wet towel will not be required in this area. Keep an eye on the temperature of the leather. It should not be excessively hot.

How Long Do Nike Blazers Last Before Creasing?

According to my experience, after one year of consistent use, the leather on Nike Blazers sneakers will begin to crease. Suede jackets will crease less quickly than leather jackets. Creasing will also depend on how much pressure you put on the shoe. Thus, an extremely snug shoe will crease more quickly.

Leather and synthetic materials comprise the bulk of the Nike Blazers’ construction. The crease will happen fast if the leather is overly snug to your leg. It takes longer for softer materials to wrinkle.

The leather utilized in the construction of Blazers is quite supple. As a result of the combination of synthetic and leather, it is remarkably soft. Therefore, you can anticipate that the shoes will continue to look great for some time. If they are the ideal size, you can wear them daily for over a year without noticing creases.

Do Nike Blazers Crease?

How Do I Keep My Nikes From Creasing?

These are the best ways to prevent your bike blazers from creasing:

  • Wearing the correct size is the first step in preventing the Blazers from creasing.
  • After taking off your shoes, you can place shoe trees inside.
  • If you notice a wrinkle in the front of the shoe after wearing it, use a soft paper towel to smooth it out. Fill the sneakers to capacity. After removing your footwear, you must place it on shoe trees. Hold it overnight.
  • You should always wear socks with your Nike blazers. The barrier prevents your shoe from creasing, occupying the entire toe box.

Are Nike Blazers uncomfortable?

No, Nike blazers are not only extremely comfortable but also look classic in a way that is not quirky, and they are extremely comfortable. A great alternative to the Chuck Taylor All-Star for people who wear shorts in the spring and summer, the Blazer is also tall enough to be concealed by jeans in the fall and winter, making it an ideal shoe for people who wear shorts year-round.

Do Nike Blazers Crease?

Additionally, they cost a reasonable and flat $100 when they first hit the shelves. Because there is such a large supply of them, they also frequently go on sale. I’ve discovered pairs for about $50. Compared to Nike sneakers made of mesh, which are sometimes sold at higher costs, that is quite affordable for sneakers made of suede and leather.

How Long Do Blazers Take To Break In?

Because of their leather and synthetic top, Nike Blazers can require two to four weeks of consistent use to stretch out and break in. Wearing them inside your home for a few hours as frequently as possible will, however, hasten the process.

Having said that, you must first confirm that the Nike Blazers are the appropriate size. A new pair of sneakers will be useless if you try to break them in if they are either too tight or too loose. Buy a pair of Nike Blazers that fit you properly because they run true to size.

Do Nike Blazers Crease?

How to Break In Nike Blazers

Due to its robust construction with leather and synthetic uppers, Nike Blazers have the potential to scrape and bruise the back of the ankles when first worn. However, unlike more durable shoes like Vans, we don’t advise bending or crushing Nike Blazers because they can have creases. Here are three pointers on how to fast break in Nike Blazers:

1. Frequently pair them with thick socks

It’s advisable to wear your new Nike Blazers within your home as frequently as you can before wearing them outside for an entire day. Even while it’s wonderful to wear your new Nike Blazers outside right away, it’s a good idea to first give your feet some time to adjust to the footwear.

2. Before wearing the shoes, unlace them.

If you need additional room to get your foot into the shoe, move the tongue forward and loosen the laces on the top three pairs of eyelets. Nike Blazers are known for being challenging to put on despite their attractive appearance. Many wearers lament the narrow opening of the shoe despite selecting the correct size.

Do Nike Blazers Crease?

3. Using shoe stretchers

For those unaware, a shoe stretcher is an implement in the shape of a foot inserted inside of shoes to gently “stretch” the top material, in this example, the leather and synthetic upper. When not donning your Nike Blazers, you can also install shoe stretchers.


It’s normal for your shoes to crease. Creased Blazers are also something you should expect. It is simple to remove the crease with the right maintenance and procedures. Your Nike Blazers require some polishing, just like any other item, to maintain functionality over time.

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