Do vans have good arch support?

Do Vans have good arch support?

No. Vans shoes do not have good arch support in their early designs. The majority of them have no or little arch support. This is because Vans shoes have flat soles. Vans Ultrarange shoes have moderate arch support. 
However, the shoe’s midsole and UltraCush Lite foam may provide adequate support.

Do vans have good arch support
IMAGE: Do vans have good arch support?

Arch support is vital in your workout shoes or running shoes and the shoes you use daily (your walking shoes). Whether you move around a lot or take short walks occasionally, you need shoes that offer good arch support. Arch supports help get rid of and relieve foot pain by spreading the force of hitting the ground evenly across the feet. 

Vans shoes are one of the most commonly worn brands of shoes today. They are fashionable, functional, and comfortable. They can function as work shoes, party shoes, and workout shoes. Vans shoes can be worn by anyone (adults, children, men, and women). However, most of them are not as comfortable as they appear. 

Like in the old school, the earliest designs were made as skateboarding shoes. As a result, there are no specific requirements for comfortable and supportive shoes. They have no cushioning and offer zero arch support. However, there have been recent van designs that provide more comfort and support than their forerunners. 

Using my research and experience findings, I will show you what makes a good, comfortable arch-support shoe. 

Do vans have good arch support?

I used two Vans shoe styles: the Vans Old Skool and the Vans ComfyCrush. When I first wore my Vans Old Skool, I noticed an unusual pain in my feet. They hurt so much that I could only endure wearing them for 4 hours. But because of how stylish vans are, I still liked them, so I got the ComfyCrush after profound research on the shoe. The reviews I got for my studies were not wrong. The Vans ComfyCrush do have good cushioning and arch support, and they don’t hurt my feet like the Vans Old Skool.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the earliest designs of Vans shoes do not offer good arch support. Most of them either have zero arch support or little. This is because Vans shoes are designed with flat soles.

I remember when I got my Van’s old skool and wore them for the first time; they hurt so much that I could only stand wearing them for 4 hours. These particular vans, like many others, do not offer any arch support, making the feet hurt like hell when and after wearing them. 

 Do Vans have good arch support

Arch supports are things that you put in your shoes to help support the arch of your foot and reduce or get rid of pain. A good arch supports all four angles of the foot by putting the feet in the right place and putting the body in the right place from the feet up. The earliest designs of van shoes, like the old skool vans, do not have these inserted devices to support the arch.

Without these inserted devices (arch supports), these vans shoes cannot offer the following benefits:

  • Distribute pressure evenly across your foot
  • Provide additional stability and balance
  • Align the body up the kinetic chain
  • Reduce or prevent pain in feet, knee, hip, and back. 

As I said, most Vans shoes (especially the earliest designs of Vans) do not offer good arch support. However, there have been some recent Vans designs that come with arch support. These include the vans’ ComfyCrush, Sk8 hi-top, and others.

What’s the difference between ComfyCush and regular Vans?

ComfyCrush is one of the recent designs of Van shoes. These shoes are strikingly similar to regular vans. Still, it has various qualities that make it different from the regular or earliest vans. 

One significant difference between the ComfyCrush vans and regular vans is their sole. While regular Vans have rugged rubber soles with zero cushioning, the ComfyCush midsoles are more cushioned, making them so soft that walking in them feels like walking on a cloud.

Compared to the pain and discomfort I felt when I used my old skool vans, ComfyCrush’s old skool was way better. They don’t hurt my feet even when I wear them for hours. 

ComfyCrush outsoles are made with vulcanized rubber with waffle patterns like regular vans. But its waffle patterns are slightly different from regular vans. This difference makes its outsole lighter and more flexible.

Also, unlike most vans, ComfyCrush vans have an innovative one-piece interior that supports your arches. It also has canvas interior ankle collars that prevent the foot from slipping inside the shoe, which makes it more stable to walk in, unlike regular vans. 

 Do Vans have good arch support

Do vans ComfyCush have arch support?

The Vans ComfyCrush has well-padded insoles with added arch support, unlike regular vans. This implies that they are well-equipped to improve your posture and balance. This lets them spread the pressure evenly across their feet and avoid or get rid of foot, knee, or hip pain. 

Are Van Shoes Bad For Your Feet?

Vans shoes are typically flat-soled; such shoes (flat-soled shoes) are not ergonomic. They can cause foot pain, knee pain, and back pain. Vans shoes are shoes with flat surfaces, meaning they can cause any of these issues. 

Also, most Vans have minimal cushioning and no ankle support. Because they don’t have much padding, they can’t absorb the shock when our feet hit the ground, especially when we run or jump. 

The lack of ankle support doesn’t allow these shoes to distribute pressure evenly across the feet, which can cause pain in the feet, knees, and hips. Lack of arch support also prevents them from giving proper posture and balance. 

So to answer the question, “Are Van shoes suitable for your feet?” It all boils down to the kind of Vans shoes you wear, how long you wear them, and what you wear them for. 

Are Vans shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

No, most Vans shoes are not suitable for plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the fascia, a fibrous band of tissue underneath your foot, around your heel, and arch.

This inflammation is commonly known to be caused by walking in high heels. However, studies have shown that walking in flat shoes without good arch support can also result in plantar fasciitis.

 Do Vans have good arch support
Do Vans have good arch support?

As I noted earlier, vans are flat-surface shoes, and most have zero arch support. Walking in these kinds of shoes can overstretch, tear, or inflame the plantar fascia. 

To be safe, avoid wearing those vans with zero ankle support, especially if you have flat feet. If you must wear them, get additional insoles to make them more comfortable. These insoles have cushions and inserted ankle support devices for good balance and posture. Just make sure to get the right insoles for your feet. 

Are Vans comfortable for everyday wear?

Most Vans shoes, like the ComfyCrush, Vans UltraRange, and Vans Sk8 Hi-top, are comfortable for everyday wear. These shoes have well-padded rubber insoles, cushioned collars, and shock-absorbing materials to provide comfort for everyday wear. They are made to absorb the force or shock put on your feet when you walk, spread your weight evenly across your feet, and support your feet to stop or get rid of pain.

How do you know if a shoe has good arch support?

The insole is the primary check to know if a shoe has good arch support.  

The arch support of the insole should be the same as the height of the arch of your foot. Also, the insoles should be firm and durable, keeping your feet steady and balanced during use and over time.

To know the shoes with this kind of insoles, check out the following:

A notable heel cup: insoles with good arch support will have a more bottomless heel cup. Deep heel caps protect the heels by stabilizing them in place. 

A Rigid Sole: soles with good arch support should not bend when the feet bend. These soles are stiff in the middle and flexible at the toes. To test a rigid sole, hold the heel of the shoe vertically with the toe area placed on the ground and press down with as much force as possible.   If the shoe folds on itself, it is too flexible and will not offer good arch support. 

1/2 to 1 heel: A good arch support shoe will have a 1/2 to 1 heel higher than the front of the shoe. When measuring this, please take note of thick soles, as they can make the heel appear higher than it is. 

 Do Vans have good arch support


Are there Vans with arch support?

Yes! Vans ComfyCrush has padded insoles with added arch support.

Are Vans good for arched feet?

Unfortunately, Vans shoes are not suitable for arched feet. They offer little to zero support of the arches in the foot. 

Are Vans suitable for foot support?

Yes, Vans shoes offer great support and a comfortable fit all day.

Do vans cause plantar fasciitis? 

Wearing flat shoes can cause plantar fasciitis. Vans are flat-surface shoes, and most of them have zero arch support. So yes, Vans can cause plantar fasciitis.

Are vans comfortable for work?

Yes. Vans shoes offer superb support with a comfortable fit all day long. You can wear the ultimate combination of function and style to work. 


Arch supports are essential in shoes to improve your posture and balance. They help to distribute pressure evenly across your feet which will help to align your entire body properly. You can avoid issues like foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, and back pain with proper body alignment. You will be more productive and comfortable with arch supports in your shoes as you move around. 

Vans shoes are comfortable; however, not all offer arch support for the feet. Vans earliest designs, like the old skool, are made with vulcanized rubber soles with little to no cushioning and offer zero arch support. However, recent designs like ComfyCrush and vans sk8 Hi-top are an improvement of their predecessors. These recent designs come with foam midsoles, padded insoles with added arch support, and one-piece interiors to prevent rubbing on your feet. 

Vans shoes may be comfortable, but many do not offer arch support, thus causing pain and discomfort to your feet and entire body. However, some are way more comfortable and supportive. If you’re looking for shoes with good arch support, follow the guidelines in this article. They will help you spot a comfortable shoe with good arch support. Vans ComfyCrush and sk8 Hi – top also have arch support devices, so you can try them out.

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