Double H Boots vs. Ariat Boots

It's true that China and Mexico receive some of the production of the Double H boots. Only a small portion of Double H boots are outsourced internationally; instead, the majority are produced domestically.

The primary distinction between Double H Boots and Ariat boots is that Double H Boots are regarded as more durable and dependable than Ariat boots. While Ariat boots may only last a little more than two years, Double H Boots last much longer.

What led us to this conclusion? The answer emerged after we sampled a large number of products and customer reviews. The Double H Boots fit more true to size, providing wearers with a comfortable and smug fit. Continue reading to learn more about the distinctions between Double H and Ariat boots.

Double H Boots vs. Ariat Boots

Pros and Cons of Both Boots

1. Double H Boots Pros and Cons

1.You get a strong, oil-resistant outsole with Double-H boots.It is quite uncomfortable for them to wear their steel-toe shoes all day.
2.The work boots from Double-H are strong and reliable.Their product options can be rather pricey.
3.To ensure outstanding grip, Double-H Boots also sells boots with pointed or even stacked heels.It needs breaking in.  
4.Double H boots contain lightweight polyurethane inserts that significantly increase cushioning. 
5.In addition to being safe, double-H boots are renowned for their styles. 
Double H Boots vs. Ariat Boots

2. Ariat Boots Pros and Cons

1.There is good oil, water, and slide resistance on the rubber sole of Ariat bootsBoot-cut jeans or work pants might be necessary.
2.This boot doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.Another small drawback is a small number of unfavorable brand reviews. These reviews, however, are uncommon.
3.You can browse several fashion categories, such as Western, Work, English, Outdoor, and Lifestyle. 
4.For a premium equestrian merchant, Ariat boots are inexpensive. 
5.Ariat boots offer great support for your arch 
Double H Boots vs. Ariat Boots

Double H Boots Vs Ariat Boots Comparism Chats

Double H BootsAriat Boots
Which Boot Is Easier To Break In?Double H boots are easy to break in with the right process.Their boots are quite easy to break-in.
Which Boot Is Easier To Maintain?It isn’t quite easy to maintain. Considering the rare/exotic materials used for most of their boots.Maintenance of Ariat boots differs from product to product, but they are generally easy to maintain.
Which Boot Is Better For Different Activities?Overall outdoor and domestic job activities.Outdoor activities like houseback racing
Fit ComparisonDouble H boots come with a smug fit for most of their shoes.Boots from Ariat typically fit a little bigger than comparable boots.
Which Is Worth The Money?Double H boots are worth their price tag in terms of quality and design.They are less in quality, and you will end up wasting your investment.
Which Is True To Size?It is recommended that you purchase them 1/2 size larger than your typical shoe size.Compared to other boots, Ariat boots frequently run a little large. Generally speaking, you should get a half-size smaller than your street shoe size when fitting Ariat boots.
Double H Boots vs. Ariat Boots

Double H Boots Vs. Ariat Boots Price Comparison

NO.Double H BootsPriceAriat BootsPrice
1.Double H Boot – 12 Wide Square I.C.E. Toe Roper$244.99ARIAT Men’s Rambler Western Boot$179.95
2.Double H Boot – Wilmore Comp Toe$154.99Ariat Hybrid Rancher Western Boot$184.95
3.Double H Boot – Thatcher$244.99ARIAT Men’s Rambler Patriot Western Boot$189.95
4.Double H Boot – Malign$179.99ARIAT Men’s Sport Wide Square Toe Western Boot$169.95
5.Double H Boot – Redeemer MetGuard Comp Toe$189.99Ariat Men’s Sport Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot$179.95
Double H Boots vs. Ariat Boots

Are Double H boots made in China?

China has received a portion of Double H’s and casual line production. As a result, the company has to address numerous customer complaints about product quality.

So, you don’t have to worry about the overall quality of Double H boots. Many people have concerns about the quality and craftsmanship of products created in China, but the company has dispelled those concerns by demonstrating the high quality of its products and its continued success in the market.

Are Double H Boots any good?

Yes, the double H boots are among the best in the business. Double H lists which boots are made in the United States on their website. Those boots are without a doubt the best you can get for $220 to $250; they are extremely durable kickers.

When it comes to purchasing high-quality boots, there are several factors to consider. Double H boots are top-notch in every way. If you need a boot, I recommend ordering a Double H domestic shoe. If you order a waterproof composite toe version, you will not get the full Double H experience. They’re most likely made in China, like Ariat or Justin.

Double H Boots vs. Ariat Boots

What Do Double H Boots Stand For?

To honor the H.H. Brown firm heritage, the business changed its name to “Double-H Boots” in 1993. Work boots made by Double H have become synonymous with quality in America.

The Double H has been a benchmark for more than 50 years. The quality that comes with a pair of them has earned the trust of farmers, ranchers, and other people who work outside. Many of them are American-made, and they are concerned with their clients’ needs and the quality of their service. Everything is dependent on how good the overall image is.

Double H Boots vs. Ariat Boots

How Do You Break In A Double H Boot?

You can use your hands to more thoroughly break in your Double H boots while resting your feet. Since the heels of the boots are their stiffest component, crushing them with your palms will help soften that rigid portion.

Other ways to break-In your Double H boots:

  • Walk around the house wearing your Double H boots.
  • Wear thick socks and boots
  • Clean and Condition your boot
  • Step on the Heel while bending the boot
  • Use a good shoe stretcher

Don’t feel as though you are damaging or spoiling your brand-new boots by doing this. You’re only accelerating the process of what will eventually happen to your Double H boots if you continue to wear them over time without experiencing any discomfort.

Wearing thick socks is one approach to safeguard your feet while also beginning to gradually, softly, and surely stretch the leather of your Double H boots. By providing additional padding to shield your feet from blisters, thick socks increase your level of protection.

Double H Boots vs. Ariat Boots

How Do You Care For HH and Ariat Boots?

HH and Ariat boots need to be well cared for because these textiles are sensitive. In this section, we’ll cover everything from cleaning to maintaining the footwear to keep it looking great for a long time.

Step 1

Warm water should be used to dampen a towel before gently wiping the boots. This will remove any accumulation or loose dirt.

Step 2

Dip the cloth into the mixture made consisting of 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 1/2 cup of water. Keep cleaning the boots down. This is particularly effective for buildup brought on by mud, salt stains, and other common substances.

Step 3

Directly apply baking soda to any scuffs or stubborn stains. With this nonabrasive cleaner, the boots can be cleaned without endangering the leather or suede. To remove stains from the boots, scrub them with the same damp sponge.

Step 4

Clean, damp cloth that has simply been moistened with water should be used to wipe the boots once more. This will remove any accumulation or residue that was released during the cleaning process.

Step 5

The boots should be covered with a layer of leather and suede protectant to shield them from stains, moisture, and other elements.

Double H Boots vs. Ariat Boots

What Does EE Mean In Boots?

An “EE” label for men’s shoes means broad; for women’s shoes, it means extra wide. Along with the conventional length size, shoes are available in a wide range of widths. E is a broad shoe for both men and women. However, EE is exceptionally wide for women and wider than E for men.

Shoes of the EE width range in width from 3.4 to 5.4 inches, but are commonly between 4.4 and 4.9 inches across. People with feet that are larger or narrower than the conventional width can wear shoes with one of these various widths. Instead of using numbers, widths employ letters as a scale; as the width increases, so do the letters.

Double H Boots vs. Ariat Boots

What is Double H?

Double-H is a shoe company. By creating cutting-edge work western styles for the modern day’s new breed of cowboy, Double-H Boots has redefined the term “exceptional”. America’s hard-working farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers want performance as well as the best in comfort, style, and durability.

In Richland, Pennsylvania, Double-H Boots was founded in 1955. An area shoe manufacturer with other facilities in the Reading region and no future need for the plant in Richland was where the initial factory was located. The H.H. Brown Shoe Company bought the structure in order to set up shop there to produce western shoes.

Double H Boots vs. Ariat Boots


Are boots from Ariat comfortable?

The EVA midsole of Ariat boots molds to your foot over the course of the first few weeks of usage. At first, they’re at ease, and as time goes on, they get even more at ease.

What does the term "Ariat" mean?

The company, which has a passion for horses, was greatly influenced by the well-known American thoroughbred Secretariat.

Are Double-H Boots good?

Yes, Double H boots are excellent, fashionable, and sturdy. Double H boots are renowned for their high caliber, fashionable, and robust designs. The boots are constructed from top-grain leather and have a long lifespan in mind.

Does China manufacture Double-H boots?

It’s true that China and Mexico receive some of the production of the Double H boots. Only a small portion of Double H boots are outsourced internationally; instead, the majority are produced domestically. 

It's true that China and Mexico receive some of the production of the Double H boots. Only a small portion of Double H boots are outsourced internationally; instead, the majority are produced domestically.


Wearing quality shoes is essential for keeping your feet safe while also helping you stay in fashion. In this article, we have gone into detail about differentiating between these two boots. When comparing Double H and Ariat boots, although Double H boots come out on top, they are both quality products in their own right. Has this article been of help to you? If you want more, feel free to leave a comment.

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