Dr. Martens Smooth Vs. Nappa

Dr. Martens Smooth Vs. Nappa

When comparing Dr. Martens’ smooth leather and Nappa leather, the main difference between the two leathers is that Dr. Martens’ smooth leather is stiff and challenging to break in, but once broken in, it will conform to your feet. Nappa leather is soft and ready to wear right out of the package.

Dr. Martens has been a pioneer in shoes for over sixty years. The company has a range of shoes that is unique and very popular. One of the shoes that Dr. Martens has made is smooth leather. There are also Nappa leather shoes that Dr. Martens also makes.

If you are unsure about the kind of leather boot you should buy from Dr. Martens, read this blog post to the end, and I will explain everything you need to know about Dr. Martens Smooth leather and Dr. Martens Nappa Leather.

Dr. Martens Smooth Vs. Nappa
Dr. Martens Smooth Vs. Nappa

Dr Martens Smooth Vs Nappa

Many people choose to buy leather shoes because they are durable and stylish. However, leather shoes come in different kinds of leather. From smooth leather to Nappa leather, suede, vegan, and nubuck.

While Dr. Martens always indicates the type of leather used in its shoes, it may be difficult for you to choose the right leather material if you are unfamiliar with how different kinds of leather materials are made.

Both smooth and Nappa leather are good types of corrected grain leather. They are durable and comfortable. With Nappa leather, you can wear your shoe straight from the box because the leather is completely supple and easy to break in.

On the other hand, smooth leather is unapologetically stiff and durable. You have to break it into smooth leather before it can be comfortable for you to wear all day. The leather will have to mold to your feet to get more comfortable.

Dr. Martens Smooth Vs. Nappa

Dr. Martens Smooth Review

Dr. Martens’s smooth leather is famously stiff, thick, and durable leather designed to be broken into. The leather is smooth, and slicker, and comes with a refined look. This leather takes some time to break in because it is thick and stiff.

It is made from corrected grain from Argentina and epitomizes Doc Martens footwear. This leather is usually durable and gets better with use. You can easily polish Doc Marten’s smooth leather to an artfully scuffed-up or dapper shine.

The good thing about Doc Martens’ smooth leather is that it molds to your feet as you continue to wear it and gets more and more comfortable with each wear. When the leather finally molds to your feet, it will create a personalized fit that everyone is looking for in a leather shoe.

Smooth leather is the most frequently used because it is appealing and smooth. The grain side of smooth leather is processed to the outside for a cool finish that everyone wants in a leather shoe or boot.

Since Dr. Martens’s smooth leather is made from corrected grain leather, it is characterized by a luxuriously smooth surface. Its fibers are extremely durable and stable because its imperfect grains have been corrected to perfection by experienced leatherworkers.

The imperfection in the grain has been sanded off and corrected. Then an artificial grain is embossed on top and dressed with stains or dyes. That is why the Doc Martens boot equipped with smooth leather always lasts for many years, except for the sole you may have to change.

Dr. Martens Smooth Vs. Nappa

Pros And Cons Of Dr. Martens Smooth Leather

Top quality and durableDifficult to break in
Slick lookCreases and scratches
Corrected grain leather
Molds to your feet as you break into it
Dr. Martens Smooth Vs. Nappa

Dr. Martens Nappa Review

Nappa leather is full-grain leather that was first used in 1875 by Emanuel Manasse, who was a worker in a tanning company in Napa, California. That is where the name Nappa came from. Dr. Martens Nappa leather is a corrected grain leather.

Nappa leather is a soft, fine-grain leather treated supple and smooth. So, it combines suppleness and smoothness in one leather. The good thing about Nappa leather is that you can wear it straight out of the box because it is usually comfortable.

With its luxurious and lightweight properties, leather offers a lot of natural characteristics. Nappa leather stretches well and is very comfortable from the get-go. It requires few to no breaks in the period. It is the best leather material for those who want to be comfortable in their leather shoes from day one.

Nappa leather is usually made from kid lamb or sheep skin. The tanning process uses artificial tannins like chromium sulfate, aluminum sulfate, and other salts. The leather can be dyed with different colors for a different look.

This leather is also dyed with the water-soluble colorant to make it more resistant to light and to reduce the fading of its color while also keeping its true form. Nappa leather is also easy to clean and extremely smooth because of the extra sanding applied.

Dr. Martens Smooth Vs. Nappa

If you get a Dr. Martens Nappa shoe or boot, here is what you should expect from the leather:

  • It is extremely soft and pliable.
  • Nappa leather does not crease or wrinkle.
  • It is durable, supple, and tough at the same time because it does not get damaged so easily
  • It is breathable.
  • It does not retain moisture
  • Nappa leather usually develops a patina as you use it to give it a more aesthetic look but since Dr. Martens Nappa is corrected, it does not develop a patina

Pros And Cons of Dr. Martens Nappa Leather

Durable and comfortableNot as breathable as other kinds of leather
Has little to no break-in period
Flexible and soft
Stylish and classy
Highly versatile leather
Crease and scratch resistant
Easy to clean and maintain
Corrected to perfection grain leather
It has a luxurious look and feel
Excellent for people with allergies to other kinds of leather
Dr. Martens Smooth Vs. Nappa

What Is The Difference Between Dr. Martens Smooth And Nappa?

Dr. Martens Smooth LeatherDr. Martens Nappa Leather
Thick and toughSoft and supple
Difficult to break inEasy to break in
Corrected grain leatherCorrected grain leather
It is not light resistant and can fadeLight resistant and cannot fade
Can crease and get scratchedDoes not crease or get scratch
Easy to clean and maintainEasier to clean and maintain
Smooth and luxurious lookSmoother look and looks more luxurious
Better water resistantWater-resistant

What’s The Difference Between Nappa Leather And Smooth Leather?

Nappa LeatherSmooth Leather
Smooth and supple leatherSmooth but tough
Extremely easy to break inDifficult to break in
Does not crease or wrinkledCan crease and wrinkled
Extremely easy to clean and maintainEasy to maintain and clean
Does not retain moistureCan retain moisture
Develops patina to make it look more aesthetic as you wear itDoes not develop a patina
More breathableBreathable
More resistant to light and does not fadeNot resistant to light and can fade
Usually more expensiveLess expensive
Better luxurious look and feelLuxurious look
More versatileVersatile 

Is Nappa Leather Better Than Smooth Leather?

The core difference between smooth leather and Nappa leather is the suppleness and softness of Nappa leather. Nappa leather is better in many aspects because it is softer, suppler, and can be worn straight out of the box. Smooth leather is known for its stiffness, and it takes time to break into it.

Nappa leather is also more breathable if it is not a corrected leather. Nappa leather does not crease or wrinkle but smooth leather will crease and wrinkle at some points. So, Nappa leather holds some important features that you may not find in smooth leather.

Does Nappa Leather Scratch Easily?

No, Nappa leather does not scratch easily. The leather goes through a detailed tanning process which makes it heat and water-resistant to a certain extent. Though the leather is soft and smooth, it does not get scratched easily. That is why it does not crease or wrinkle like other kinds of leather.

Dr. Martens Smooth Vs. Nappa

Is Nappa Leather Smooth?

Nappa leather is generally smooth, soft, and durable. Since the leather is made from full-grain leather, it comes from animals including kid goats, lambs, and calves. Nappa is one of the most popular leathers you can find, and if it is not a corrected Nappa, its quality is amazing.

Nappa leather is smooth and soft. In fact, its smoothness gives it a luxurious look that makes a lot of people love it on their shoes and as upholstery. The good thing about Nappa leather is that it is easy to clean and maintain more than most other types of leather.

Are Dr. Martens Nappa Waterproof?

No, Dr. Martens Nappa leather and other types of leather are not waterproof but can be water resistant to a certain level. You can also treat the leather with Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam to make it waterproof if you crave waterproof so much.

Is Nappa Leather Genuine Leather?

Nappa leather is genuine grain leather. The leather comes from either top-grain leather or full-grain leather. The only difference between Nappa leather and other types of leather is the tanning process. So, it is also as strong as full-grain leather. It is genuine leather that offers a great deal of durability and comfort.

Is Dr. Martens Smooth Leather Real?

Yes. Dr. Martens’s smooth leather is real. It is made from corrected grain leather, which means, the leather is a grain leather that is corrected to perfection. That is why Dr. Martens’s smooth leather is always durable and last for many years.

What Are The Soft Leather Dr. Martens Called?

Dr. Martens makes shoes with soft leather that is also smooth. Dr. Martens Virginia and Nappa leather are kinds of soft leather that can be worn right out of the box. These two types of leather are supple and soft while also being durable at the same time. 

What Does Smooth Mean For Dr. Martens?

Dr. Martens’s smooth leather is known for its stiffness and durability. The leather is smooth and needs to be broken in to become more comfortable. The leather conforms to your feet as you wear it, making it more comfortable. When you polish it, it shines better.

How Do You Break In Dr. Martens Smooth Leather?

Dr. Marten’s smooth leather is known for being stiff and durable. Since the leather is thick and stiff, how do you break in the smooth leather? Breaking in Dr. Martens’s smooth leather takes a bit of time but you can always break in the leather in your leisure time at home.

Dr. Martens Smooth Vs. Nappa

If you want to break in your Doc Martens smooth leather, follow these steps:

  1. Buy the correct size: When it comes to breaking in Dr. Martens’s shoes, you need to buy the correct size. When you buy the correct size that is not too tight or too big, breaking in the shoes gets easier.
  2. Wear the shoes around your house: It is important to start breaking in your Doc Martens smooth leather by wearing it around the house for about one to two hours. You can increase the hours as you get more comfortable in the shoe. To avoid blisters, you should wear thick socks whenever you wear your Doc Martens smooth leather shoes.
  3. Use Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam: Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam is a natural wax made to soften your stiff shoes. The wax is designed for Dr. Martens’s shoes, so you have nothing to worry about when you use it. The balsam will make the leather more supple and pliable so that it can be easier on your foot as you break into the leather.

Which Doc Martens Are More Comfortable?

Dr. Martens 1460 vegan boot is the most comfortable Doc Martens shoe. Doc Martens has some comfortable shoes like those made with Nappa leather and Virginia leather, but the most comfortable Dr. Martens shoe is Dr. Martens 1460 classic vegan shoe.

How Do You Tell If Leather Is Nappa?

Nappa is a full-grain leather that is tanned differently from other kinds of leather. Nappa leather can come in two types including Nappa full grain leather and Nappa corrected grain leather. The best way to tell the difference is to touch it to feel the texture and softness.

How Do You Maintain Nappa Leather?

There are many ways to maintain and care for your Nappa leather. Here are the best ways to care for your Nappa leather:

  • Always remove debris and dirt from your leather with a clean, soft cloth
  • You can use a cotton washcloth, warm water, and mild dish soap to remove stains if there is any
  • Do not rub the stains but dab at them
  • After cleaning, allow the leather to dry
  • Apply leather conditioner or protectant to the leather.

What’s The Difference Between Nappa Leather And Regular Leather?

Nappa leather is by far the better leather. It offers a lot of natural characteristics that make it better than regular leather. With Nappa leather, the color does not fade. It also does not crease or wrinkle. The leather is also softer than other kinds of leather.

What Is The Highest Quality Leather?

Full-grain leather is the best leather. Most of the most durable and comfortable leather is full-grain leather. The full grain leather is not separated from the top grain, making it the most dependable and strongest leather ever.

How Do You Protect Nappa Leather Boots?

One of the best ways to protect your investment in leather shoes is to take care of them. The first thing you need to know about protecting your Nappa leather boot is to store them properly and make sure there is no moisture in them. You should also use leather protectors like conditioners on them.

For instance, Doc Martens created a Wonder Balsam for its shoes. The wax-based balsam is crafted to protect your Nappa leather boots. The company also has a spray protector that you can use if you fancy spray. You can always buy sprays to protect your Nappa leather easily from the store or online.


Dr. Martens’s shoes come in different kinds of leather but smooth and Nappa leather are two popular leather that Dc Martens uses in its shoes. If you are not sure of which leather to pick, this Dr. Martens smooth vs Nappa leather comparison should settle it for you.

Dr. Martens smooth leather is thick and stiff but will conform to your feet as you wear it. Dr. Martens Nappa’s leather is supple, strong and soft, making it easier to break in. Though Dr. Martens smooth and Nappa leather is made from corrected grain leather but with a different tanning method.

Dr. Martens Nappa leather offers a lot of features that make it better than smooth leather.

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