Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart: 10 Sizing Facts You Need To Know


Hey Dude, the shoe size chart has different sizes for different people: men, women, and kids. And it’s essential to choose your exact size for utmost comfort or size up if you can’t find your size. There is also a guide on how to measure your size.

As a lover of the Hey Dudes brand, I’m confident you were like me, facing difficulty knowing the right size that would perfectly fit you. 

However, the issue of size has remained a major challenge for shoe aficionados like you and me. Hence, I have decided to share with you the top strategy that has helped me, over time, choose the best shoe size. With this tip, you won’t have to worry about buying the wrong size ever again.

Standing tall with me are two pairs of Hey Dude shoes I bought recently, and they have been quite impressive. And from here, I will be dishing out the simple yet productive strategy that helped to pick the correct sizes.

Hey Dude size guide

Hey Dude, Shoe Size Chart

Men Size Chart

Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart  For Men
EU39 4041424344454647484950
LENGTH IN CM25262727.5282929.5303131.53233
Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart Guide For Men

Women Size Chart

Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart  For Women
LENGTH IN CM2121.722.52323.524252626.52727.528
Hey Dude Shoe Size Chart Guide For Women

Here, I have detailed Hey dude shoe size charts for you to see and know the various sizes available in the market. Also, I have gone a step further to provide actionable tips I have used to uncover my shoe size and how to match it with the hey dude shoe size chart to choose the most comfortable shoe for yourself or anyone.

Hey Dude, shoe size charts can be used by anyone, especially those in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe. Again, this doesn’t overrule other countries. It only shows that the brand Hey Dude focuses its production on the countries with the highest numbers of patronage and generalizes it. So, hey! Relax. This shoe size chart will also be of immense value to you.


How Do You Measure Heel Shoe Sizes?

Measuring the shoe size is not a very difficult venture. It’s nothing compared to mountain climbing or jumping from a skyscraper with no hope of landing safely. To measure the size, you must follow the steps below.

  1. Get a tape or a ruler calibrated in centimeters (CM). This will be used as your measuring instrument to determine the size of the Hey Dude shoe that’ll fit you properly.
  2. Get a piece of paper and a writing material (pen). Once you have gotten them, place the paper on the floor – a flat surface and put your feet inside of it (step on the paper).
  3. Once your feet have been well placed on the paper on the floor, get someone to assist you in measuring your feet from the heel (back of your feet) to the longest toe in a vertical direction using the tape or the ruler. Then, use the pen (the writing material) to mark the starting point of your heel and the end of your longest toe. 

If this is correctly done, it will give you the exact shoe size for your feet.

The next step is to check the Hey dude shoe size chart below to match the size you have measured against the existing sizes I have outlined here. Also, note that there are times when you may have a discrepancy in the figures. For instance, if your measurement falls between two sizes—10.25 inches—and in the chart below, you have 10 inches and 11 inches—you should choose 11 inches over 10 inches for your comfort.

Below is the Hey Dude shoe size chart for both men and women.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Wide Fit? 

Hey Dude also comes in a wide fit. The shoes come in different sizes. But even the shoe’s wide fit doesn’t make much difference. Your choice of Hey Dude size should depend on your size. And if you’re like most people with a wide fit, you should ensure you choose the perfect size for yourself. And if you can’t find your ideal size, it’s better to size up than to size down, because this will ultimately give you great comfort.

Hey Dude size guide

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Are Hey Dude Shoes Comfortable?

Yes, hey dude, shoes are comfortable to wear. They are made with breathable and lightweight material and offer great comfort. They almost feel like socks worn on my feet when I wear them.

Hey dude shoes are very comfortable when worn for a walk, both short and long distances but may not be suitable for the slippery ground because they lack slip resistance. But I have found them to be of great use when worn in informal and casual settings.

Hey Dude size guide

Do Hey Dude Shoes Run True to Size?

Yes, but it depends. Some of the hey dudes may run true to size, while others may not. I recommend you go through the Hey Dude shoe size chart above to find your actual size.

Should You Go up Or Down a Size in Hey Dudes?

When choosing the perfect size to give ultimate comfort, the best thing to do is to go up a size in Hey Dudes. For instance, if you wore a size ten and went to buy a pair of Hey Dude, you only found a size nine and a size 11. Your best bet should be to opt-in for size 11, which is guaranteed to give you maximum comfort over size 9.

What Is a Size 8 in Hey, Dudes?

Size 8 in. It would depend on your measurement instrument and the reference country. For instance, in women’s sizes, a size 8 in the US will be a size 7 in the UK and the EU 39. But when it comes to different measurement instruments, size 8 in hey Dude in centimeters would be 25 and 9.84 inches. For men, size 8 in the US will be 7 in the UK and 41 in the EU, 26 CM and 10.24 inches.

Do Hey Dude Shoes Fit a Wide Foot?

This is one primary reason why you shouldn’t make assumptions about why you’re buying Hey Dudes shoes. Although Hey Dude shoes fit a wide foot, not all styles are available to accommodate a wide foot. Hence, you need to properly understand your size by referring to the above to determine your shoe size. Don’t just assume that all wide sizes will fit you properly.

Do Hey Dude Shoes Stretch? 

Yes, but this happens after several times of wearing the shoe. Also, it depends on the type of Hey Dudes. Hey dude shoes are made with the finest of quality materials; Canvas, Sox, or Stretchy. Most materials are elastic, making them adapt to your feet and retain their qualities. This also enables you to walk long distances without experiencing discomfort.

Do Hey Dude Shoes Come in Half Sizes

Usually, Hey Dude shoes don’t come in half sizes, but there’s a method to adopt to get the best fit for your size. To help determine the right size for you to buy, you need to have a measurement of your size; that’s, know your size. Once you know your size and can’t find the perfect size for your feet, let’s say your size is ten inc, and you can only find sizes 9.5 below and 11 and above. The best practice would be to choose the next size slightly above your size.

Hey Dudes, Are You Supposed to Wear Socks?

Wearing Hey Dudes with socks or not is entirely dependent on your preference. For some hey dude enthusiasts, it’s a must to wear them with socks, while for others, it’s a matter of preference and depends on your dress sense. I found it more comfortable to rock my Hey Dudes without socks.

Again, this is a matter of choice and not a strict rule. If you decide to wear socks, note that some people prefer wearing socks that touch the ankle, and others would instead go with knee socks. Again, this is not a strict rule but a matter of choice.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Slip Resistant?

Hey dude shoes offer excellent quality but are not certified for slip resistance. I have found shoes from the Hey Dude brand to give superb comfort, but if you intend to use them for wet conditions, they may not be good enough for you as the likelihood of slipping and falling is very high.

Hey dudes are primarily used for informal settings and casual environments without slippery grounds. One customer service from the Hey dude brand website confirmed, “We are sorry, but we don’t have any slip-resistant shoes.”


Hey dude, shoes are great for ease and comfort. However, wearing the wrong size can cause significant discomfort. Thus, choosing the correct shoe size is a necessity if you want to have comfort in wearing it. As a lover of the Hey Dude brand, I have spent a lot of time digging deep to develop these tips to help you make the right choice.

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