How Much Do Nike Jordans Weigh?

How Much Does a Pair of Jordans Weigh

All Nike Jordan sneaker models weigh between 0.5-2 pounds on average. Even though the weight of a pair of Jordans varies by type and size, the Jordan Superfly ’17 is made with neoprene material and patent leather, and the weight of size 10 for this sneaker is 12.8 oz (0.8 lb). On the other hand, a size 10 Jordan 32 Low weighs 14.6 oz (0.9 lb).

When I shop for things that need to be shipped, knowing how much I think the shipping will cost has saved me money more than once. When you want to get all kinds of Air Jordan shoes, you must know the weight to estimate shipping costs.

In this guide, I highlighted the weights of the different types of Air Jordans. Knowing this will help you know the right weight fit to get. Also, I have given a guide on how to get the accurate or estimated weight measurement of your shoe box. Together, this will help determine the total weight of your shipping item. 

If you are a fellow Jordans lover or collector, this guide will help your collection process. 

How Much Does a Pair of Jordans Weigh

How Much Does a Pair of Jordans Weigh?

The weight of a pair of Jordans varies depending on the type and size. Some Jordan shoes are made from synthetic rubber compounds, polyurethane, phylon, phyllite, and other materials, while others are made from leather, so they do not all weigh the same. The Jordan 32 Low features large Zoom Air units in the forefoot and heel. The upper is made of Flyknit and is supported by multiple layers of nylon and padding. The Jordan 32, Low in size 10, weighs 14.6 oz (0.9 lb).

As you can see, both Jordans’ size 10 weigh differently due to the materials and patterns they were made. 

How Much Does a Pair of Jordans Weigh

Nike Jordan Model Weight

I have taken care and patience to calculate the weights of various Jordans. The table below lists various types of Jordans and their weight in kg. 

Jordan 11 kg
Jordan 20.377 kg
Jordan 30.527 kg
Jordan 4 0.476 kg
Jordan 5 0.468 kg
Jordan 6 0.51 kg
Jordan 70.459 kg
Jordan 80.51kg
Jordan 90.488 kg
Jordan 100.4 kg
Jordan 110.417 kg
Jordan 12 0.465 kg
Jordan 13 0.456 kg
Jordan 140.405 kg
How Much Does a Pair of Jordans Weigh

How Much Is the Weight of A Pair of Sneakers?

The weight of an average sneaker ranges between 0.4 and 1 kg. This weight varies depending on the material used to make the leather. Sneakers made with a lot of leather tend to be heavier than those made with neoprene and nylon. Most athletic sneakers are designed to be lightweight and fast, whereas basketball sneakers are heavy and bulky for stability.

How much do jordans weigh in kg?

There are several kinds of Jordans out there. Depending on the model, a pair of Jordans will weigh between 0.4 and 1 kg. A sneaker’s weight depends on its type and size, so naturally, the types of Jordans we have will vary in weight.  

How Much Does a Pair of Jordans Weigh


How much does a pair of Jordan 1 weigh?

How Much Does a Pair of Jordans Weigh

The weight of a pair of Air Jordan 1 varies in size. However, a size 13 pair of Jordans 1 weighs 1 kg. 

How much does a pair of Jordan 4 weigh?

How Much Does a Pair of Jordans Weigh

A pair of Air Jordans 4 weighs 16.8(oz), and in kg, it weighs 0.476 kg. They are made with extra cushioning and an air-encapsulated midsole for mind-blowing comfort and excellent rebound.

How much does a Jordan 3 weigh?

How Much Does a Pair of Jordans Weigh

Air Jordans 3 weighs 18.6oz and 0.527 in kg. Jordan 3 is made of full-grain, synthetic, and nubuck leather. Many claim its leather quality is among the nicest in recent years.

How much does a Jordan 5 weigh?

How Much Does a Pair of Jordans Weigh

A pair of Jordan 5 weighs 0.468 kg

What does Air Force One Weigh?

The Nike Air Force 1 weighs 4.583 kg. The Air Force 1 is a heavy sneaker and isn’t the most comfortable model. However, the AF1 is one of the most common sneakers in use.

How much does Jordan 6 weigh?

The Air Jordan 6 weighs 0.51 kg. The Air Jordan 6 is a shoe that, like most shoes, excels in some areas while falling short in others. The Air Jordan 6 can be a decent choice if you need good breathability, durability, and adequate grip (provided the outsoles are kept clean). A quick insole swap can readily fix their lack of cushion and poor fit, transforming them into well-rounded on-court performers.

Are Jordan 5s heavy?

Although the Jordan 5 shape is heavy, the interior is incredibly soft, and the tongue is sturdy and supportive. Its insoles are generously padded. Thus the Air Jordan 5 offers wearers an incredibly pleasant experience when walking.

How much does Jordan 1 weigh in kg?

Air Jordan 1 weighs 1 kg. All forms of the Air Jordan 1, whether low, mid, or high, are insanely comfy and are suitable for all-day wear. Since it was designed to be a professional basketball shoe, it is loaded with technology to offer all-day comfort.

How much does a Jordan 1 weigh?

Air Jordan 1 weighs 1kg. Full leather uppers are used to create Air Jordan 1, and a rubber outsole and midsole add durability and weight. They aren’t particularly hefty. The most important aspect is that the kind of leather used in making them increases the shoes’ strength and durability. 

How much does a Jordan 4's weigh?

Jordan 4’s weigh 0.476 kg. The Air Jordan 4 is cozy, but remember that it debuted in 1989 as a basketball shoe. Thus its design priorities lean primarily toward athletic performance. They are quite heavy as well.

Jordan 11 weight with box

Jordan 11 is considered the most adored Jordan design ever. It is constructed from breathable, lightweight materials. It weighs 0.417 kg and should weigh about 0.667 with a box. 

Air Jordan 11 is perfect for the ultimate mix of elegance and comfort; full-length air cushioning is combined with high-end embellishments.

How much does a Jordan 4 weigh in kg?

Jordan 4 weighs 0.476 kg. Unlike much earlier Air Jordans, the Air Jordan IV didn’t bring any revolutionary new technology to the world of basketball shoes. But it was both functional and attractive. The shoe included supporting “wings,” more air in the forefoot, a lacing system with several holes for flexible lace placement, and a broad heel pull button for easy access.


To accurately measure the weight of a pair of Jordans, you’ll have to consider two things – the type of Jordans and the shoe size. The weight of shoes varies from type to size, so all Air Jordan shoes won’t weigh the same. Men’s shoes are usually larger than women’s and children’s shoes, and women’s shoes are bigger than Children’s shoes. So when it comes down to shoe weight measurement, you’ll have to consider the shoe size and type. The type of shoe will tell you what materials it was made from. 

A shoe’s material plays a huge part in its weight; shoes made from nubuck won’t weigh the same as shoes made from canvas. 

Aside from knowing the right kind of shoe for a comfortable weight fit for your feet, knowing the weight of your shoes and the shoe box will help you know how much its shipping fee will cost. The shipping fee of an item is drafted according to its weight. 

In this article, I have highlighted Air Jordan shoes’ weights (in kg). Also, I have shown how to get an accurate or estimated weight of a shoe box. These will help you know how much your shoe package weighs and how much it should go for. 

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