How To Break In Blundstone Boots [Best Guide]

How to Break in Blundstone Boots

With their popularity rising immensely, Blundstone boots are becoming the real deal. Have you ever wanted to break in Blundstone boots but didn’t know how? Are you afraid of ruining your brand-new boots made from hard leather? Do you think that the hard leather would not bend and shape your feet?

I’m going to show you step-by-step instructions on how to break in Blundstone boots so your new boots are comfortable from day one.

To break in Blundstone boots, you can stretch the boots with a boot stretcher or expand them using ice packs. You can also break in Blundstone boots using thick socks, moleskin, or mink oil. Breaking the boots’ heels manually is another way to break your Blundstone boots. 

Breaking in Blundstone boots is a process. It’s not something that happens overnight and it’s not something you should rush. You want to make sure you’re breaking these boots in properly so that they last a long time, and so that they feel comfortable on your feet. By following the steps I am about to share, you’ll be well on your way to being able to wear your Blundstones every day. 

How to Break in Blundstone Boots
How to Break in Blundstone Boots

How to Break in Blundstone Boots [Watch Video]

You can break in Blundstone boots using the following steps: 

  • Use a boot stretcher to stretch the boots
  • Wear the Blundstones with thick socks 
  • Use Moleskin
  • Use ice packs to expand the boots
  • Manually crush the boots’ heels
  • Take it to a Professional

I will be going into detail about each step I have outlined. In clear, bit-sized details, I have explained how to go about each step to achieve the break-in of Blundstone boots. 

Use a Boot Stretcher 

With a boot stretcher, you can break in your Blundstone boots without hassle. To do so, get a boot stretcher that is the size of your Blundstones and follow the steps I have outlined below: 

  1. Insert the boot stretcher into your Blundstone boots 
  2. Push the part that looks like a foot deep into your boots 
  3. Once it is properly fixed, turn the handle of the boot stretcher in a clockwise direction
  4. Keep turning the handle until you achieve the desired stretch
  5. Once the desired stretch is achieved, confirm it is not too much and the pressure is adequate
  6. Leave the boot stretcher in the Blundstone for eight hours. The maximum time it takes for boot stretchers to stretch boots is eight hours (do not exceed this time.)
  7. After eight hours have elapsed, rotate the handle of the boot stretcher anticlockwise and pull the device out
  8. Wear your Blundstones to confirm the stretch. If it’s properly stretched, then congratulations. Otherwise, you may have to repeat the process. 
How to Break in Blundstone Boots
How to Break in Blundstone Boots

This is probably the quickest and painless way to stretch and break in your Blundstone boots. Boot stretchers have helped to stretch and expand boots for decades now and I have used them before in stretching my Blundstones. 

A boot stretcher known as a shoe stretcher is a device that looks like an actual foot. It comes with adjustable screws that can be screwed and unscrewed to match any given shape. Once you set the boot stretcher to the desired shape using the adjustable screws, they will expand the shoe or boot if placed in them for a while. 

While using a boot stretcher is great, it is important to note that they are not miracle workers. If you want to expand your Blundstone boots two points from their current size, you had better get new boots as they won’t work.

A boot stretcher comes in handy when you want to stretch your boot to accommodate a little discomfort you feel when using them.

A boot stretcher to stretch your Blundstones is typically like placing your feet in them but not feeling the pain of doing that. So if the boots are not your size at most by one point, then a boot stretcher will not create any magic for you. 

Wear Your Boots with Thick Socks 

Thick and padded socks are an excellent way to break in Blundstone boots. While in high school, they were my best options as I could not get my hands on boot stretchers.

One interesting fact about trying to break in your Blundstone boots with thick socks is that it is a cost-effective means. If you are frugal, you would enjoy making use of thick socks to expand your boots. 

Normally, your Blundstones will stretch when you begin to wear them. So, to wear them without hurting your feet and preventing the blisters that come from the friction between your feet and the boots, use thick socks. The added pads from the socks would help to stretch the boots efficiently. 

How to Break in Blundstone Boots
How to Break in Blundstone Boots

Use Moleskin

Another strategy on how to break in Blundstone boots is to use Moleskin on your feet and boot. Moleskin is a heavy cotton fabric with a feel and appearance like a suede. It is less plush than velour and more like chamois. I have found it an effective way to protect your feet from existing blisters and prevent new ones. 

You can place the Moleskin pad on your feet where it meets with the boots. This will help you break in the boots without hurting your feet. Alternatively, mink oil is often advised as it helps reduce the friction between your feet and the boot while you try to break in. 

Use Ice Packs to Expand the Boots 

This may not go down well with some folks. I am sure my science-inclined readers will understand why this is a potential strategy on how to break in Blundstone boots. Even if you did not do sciences in school, I will show you how to use this method to expand your Blundstones. After all, the end justifies the means. 

Water is known to expand when it is frozen. If you place a molten bag of ice in your Blundstone boots and keep it in your freezer, you can achieve stretching when the ice bag freezes. However, you should only try this strategy for a boot that has never been worn. I am only recommending this hack to people who just got new Blundstone boots. 

Ensure that the molten bag of ice properly fits into your shoe. As the bag freezes, it will expand your shoe and you can have stretched boots without stress. 

Crush the Boots’ Heels Manually 

Crushing boot heels is a conventional way of stretching boots. You can crush the heel of your Blundstones to soften the leather a little. When you do this, it reduces the boots’ stiffness and it becomes easier to stretch them out. 

Take it to a Professional 

If you have followed this blog for quite some time, you will not be in doubt as to the fact that I am someone that loves doing things myself. I try out a lot of things on my own and share them as hacks for you.

However, I am quick to draw the line and seek professional help. All of these do-it-yourself tips I have shared on how to break in Blundstone boots are great but you would be better off by taking your boots to a professional.

These professionals have specialized tools for stretching boots properly. With a couple of cents, you can get your Blundstones stretched and not worry about doing the expanding yourself. 

How Long Do Blundstone Boots Take to Break-In?

On Average, it takes two (2) months of wearing it to break-in a pair of Blundstone boots. Some may need more time than others, depending on your foot shape and how sturdy and stiff the leather is.

In general, most people find that they start to feel comfortable with their new Blundstone boots after about a week of wear. It’s important not to try and force your feet into the boots before this happens, as this could cause discomfort or even injury.

How to Break in Blundstone Boots
How to Break in Blundstone Boots

Are Blundstones Supposed to Hurt at First?

Although they are designed to be comfortable, Blundstones will hurt the first time you try to wear them. If you are new to Blundstones, your first attempt at putting them on may be a bit of a shock. Their soles are stiffer than regular shoes and the leather is thicker, making the break-in process difficult. 

Blundstones are often the choices of people who value quality above all else. Once you break in Blundstone boots, you can begin to truly enjoy the quality they are made to offer. The break-in process as I explained earlier takes an average of two months. After this, you would love the deal you closed when you got yourself those beautiful works of art. 

Are Blundstones Easy to Break In?

You can break in Blundstone boots easily using boot stretchers, wearing them with thick socks, or using ice packs. There are a handful of tools used by professionals to make the break-in process of Blundstones easy. However, it takes time to break in Blundstone boots. 

The quality these boots are made of makes the break-in process take a long time. Depending on your foot size, the quality of the leather, and the method of break-in, you should be having a timeframe of up to two months before you can successfully break in Blundstone boots. Generally, the processes involved are easy but time-demanding. 

Why Are Blundstone Boots so Tight?

Blundstone boots are so tight because they are made with reinforced toes that help to maintain the shape of the boot even after they have been used for a long. The tight nature of Blundstone boots is in an attempt to make the boots remain the way they were when they were produced. 

Quality comes with several constraints and the tight nature of Blundstone boots is because of the quality that is adopted in their production. 

Breaking in Blundstones Top of Foot 

The process of breaking in Blundstone top of the foot is best achieved using boot stretchers. These devices allow you to stretch your Blundstones without using your feet. Alternatively, you can stretch your Blundstones by wearing them with thick and heavily padded socks

Using boot stretchers and wearing your Blundstones with thick and well-padded socks will make breaking in Blundstones top of foot possible. Other methods include placing molten bags of ices with water inside your boots and placing them in a freezer. When the bags get frozen, they will expand the boots. 

Breaking In Blundstones Heels 

By crushing the heels of your boot, you can achieve the breaking in Blundstone’s heels process. Manually crushing the heels of boots has been the conventional means to stretch boots and Blundstones are not an exception.

When you crush your Blundstones to break in, you make the leathers soft and easy to stretch. When you wear them in that state, they will easily expand. That is how breaking in Blundstones heels works.

Breaking In Blundstones Ankle 

The process of breaking in Blundstones ankle can be carried out by following the steps below: 

  • Wear a pair of thick socks and put on your Blundstones
  • Get a blow dryer, point it 6 inches away from the Blundstones to the point where your ankles are or anywhere that’s too tight
  • Bend and wiggle your ankle while pointing the blow dryer to properly stretch the area 
  • Keep the boots on until they cool down so that the boots can be shaped like your foot 
  • Use regular socks to test your boots
  • Repeat the process if you are not comfortable with the present stretch

Blundstones boots are designed to fit tight around the ankle. They can be uncomfortably tight when you wear them for the first time.


Are Blundstones Good for Your Feet? 

Yes. Blundstones are good for your feet. They are made with durable, protective, and skin-friendly materials which are vital to maintaining good foot health. 

Can Blundstones Get Wet? 

Yes. Blundstone boots are made with waterproof materials but they are actually leather products so they do not pass as waterproof products. They will get wet when exposed to serious wet conditions. 

Can Blundstones Be Worn in Snow?

You can wear your Blundstone boots in snow and any other weather condition. The boots are designed to fit in any weather condition from hot climates to warm climates to snow weather and much more. 

Final Thoughts

Blundstones are lovely boots for all weather conditions. They are made of top-notch quality which makes them a reliable brand in the United States, Canada, and Europe. On how to break in Blundstone boots, the following are some of the steps already explained: 

  1. Using a boot stretcher to stretch the boots
  2. Wearing them with heavily padded socks 
  3. Using Moleskin
  4. Using molten ice bags to expand the boots
  5. Crushing the boots’ heels manually 

If you are not a DIY enthusiast, then you can get your Blundstones to a professional to help you stretch it. 

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