How To Fix Creased Nike Air Force 1


The best way to fix a Nike Air Force 1 is by placing a moist towel over the wrinkles while the shoes are stuffed with socks. For about 10 seconds, move a hot iron back and forth over the creases. Until the creases are gone, repeat the process.

Anyone who owns a favorite pair of sneakers hates to see creases and wrinkling, especially on the adorably popular Nike Air Force Ones. You can do easy tricks to avoid and remove wrinkles from Air Force Ones.

These suggestions guarantee that your Nike Air Force 1 will look sharp and clean for as long as possible, regardless of how new or old it is. Continue reading to find some excellent tips to help fix and prevent creased airline tickets.


Other Ways To Fix Creased Air Forces?

  1. Iron your shoe.
  2. Steam your sneakers
  3. Use Shoe Trees
  4. Purchase force field crease shields

Is there a way to get creases out of Air Force One? The wrinkles that develop on the top of your Nike Air Forces are one of the main issues that lead them to lose their luster. Although you can’t entirely prevent your shoes from creasing, you can fix your creasing Air Force 1s by following these steps.


1. Iron your shoe.

To begin, you should tightly pack your shoes. Then, iron the towel with a wet cloth on the toe box. Indeed, your iron isn’t overly hot. You can complete the process by following the simple steps below.

  • Put some water on a cloth, like a washcloth.
  • Place it over the crease directly.
  • Set the temperature of your iron to between 60 and 80 degrees.
  • Iron for 10 seconds at a time over the towel.
  • To prevent harm to the shoe, check the crease frequently.
  • Stop ironing until the crease is gone, but keep the shoe packed until it cools.

Keep the temperature between 60 and 80 degrees. Continue looking for the crease, and once it has been removed, allow your shoe to cool. Your Air Force will be completely new. Nike has also advocated using this technique.


2. Steam your sneakers

You should microwave a moist towel for 30 seconds. Place it over the crease on your sneaker after that is finished. To steam your shoe, follow these simple steps below;

  • The towel should be damp after being wet and wrung out.
  • Place the towel in a Pyrex or other heat-resistant dish.
  • It should be heated for 30 seconds on high in the microwave.
  • Rub the hot, steamy towel over the crease to warm the leather.
  • To maintain the shape of your shoe while it cools, insert a shoe tree.

As a result, when you insert your shoe tree inside your shoe, the leather will mold over the shoe tree, eliminating the creases. You should reheat the towel a few times if it doesn’t work the first time.


3. Use Shoe Trees

Purchasing shoe trees is a simple solution if you don’t feel comfortable using an iron or other hot object. Your footwear will be stretched back to its standard shape over time, even if it doesn’t work right away. Use shoe trees with natural scents to freshen up your shoes and eliminate odors.

4. Purchase force field crease shields

Using our Force Field Crease Protectors, you can significantly reduce the crease on your toe box! On Amazon, you can buy them for $13 to $25. These crease guards, made of foam, are simple to install on your Air Force sneakers and aid in keeping them in good shape. If your air forces appear to be creasing, you can re-smooth them.


How To Prevent Creasing In Your Air Force

1. Make sure your laces are tied gently.

Tie your laces gently to prevent damaging the midsole and the overall appearance of your shoes, which is one of the most crucial things you can do for them. Instead, ensure your laces are tied securely but loosely enough to prevent them from damaging your sneakers.

2. When not being worn, store them.

If you store your Air Force shoes in a location where they are protected from direct sunlight whenever you aren’t wearing them, they won’t fade. Always clean them before putting them back on and spray them with a shoe protectant.


3. Purchase sneaker protection.

Sprays to protect your sneakers are essential! These sprays provide your sneakers with a layer of protection that prevents them from getting dirty and imparts a certain freshness. Clean and sanitize your air forces with this shield. Unique outcomes will be evident.


Why do Air Force 1s crease?

This is so that you can move while wearing them. Your shoe bends naturally as you walk, which, over time, causes creases. You would feel pretty uncomfortable if your shoe didn’t move with your foot.

Are Air Force 1s crease protectors comfortable?

Initial discomfort with the crease protectors comes from how tight the shoe feels. They are effective to a degree, but my boots are beginning to crease just a little less than they would have otherwise.


Should I cut my crease protectors?

For the best comfort and fit, we advise trimming your crease protectors. If necessary, remove a little at a time. Never forget that what you cut off cannot be restored.

Can Sneaker Shields be applied to footwear other than sneakers?

Yes. Our Sneaker Shields are compatible with dress shoes and the best-performing sneakers currently available on the market. Trimming them means you can effortlessly put your sneaker shields into any sneaker or dress shoe.

What is the lifespan of Sneaker Shields?

Depending on usage, Sneaker Shields can last between two and six years. Of course, regular use and abuse can reduce durability. Different sneaker shields keep up better than others, depending on the type. Choose the Protector for the most durable option.



I hope this article was helpful and provided you with further knowledge about maintaining the best possible condition for your air force. You can iron out their wrinkles to give Air Force One new life. Just make sure to cover the sneakers with a moist cloth while doing so. You can also insert shoe trees and sneaker shields to minimize noticeable creases.

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