Is Nike Air Max 97 Good For Working Out?

You can wear Nike Air Max 97 when working out or going for short runs. However, these shoes are bad for lifting because of their excessive cushioning, which doesn’t offer a stable base.

Nike Air Max 97 is a running shoe designed for running, training, and other forms of exercise. They are designed to be lightweight and breathable. Nike Air Max 97 is a running shoe designed for running, training, and other forms of exercise. They are designed to be lightweight and breathable.

In the 1990s, Nike introduced their first air-sole technology. It was called Nike Air Max 97, which is still in production today. These shoes have been popular with people who enjoy working out because they offer great support while being light on their feet. They also come in various colors that match any workout attire or style preference.

For intense jogging, Nike Air Max 97 footwear is also not recommended. The shoes grow heavy, tedious, and uncomfortable over time. I don’t see a problem if you’re exercising your upper body, but it might not be the greatest option for extended aerobics or squats/deadlifts.

Nike Air Max 97 Pros And Cons

1.Made using premium componentsIt may feel heavy.
2.Various color options are offered.The long period between breaks
3.Fits many different appearances.Higher than usual size fits
4.Commodious clothing 
5.It has multiple uses. 

How long do Nike Air Max 97 shoes last?

Most Nike Air Max 97 shoes will last 1-3 years if worn casually daily. Running and other strenuous activities will reduce lifespan to about a year. The materials utilized will determine how rapidly the sneakers deteriorate in storage.

The frequency and amount of exercise when wearing the sneakers determine how soon and in what way they deteriorate. When Nikes are used frequently, the midsole gradually deteriorates, and the tread eventually disappears. Traction and wearability will start to decrease if the midsole is too worn-out. Additionally, a shoe’s midsole will eventually become completely worn through if worn too long.

Is Nike Air Max 97 Good For Running?

Yes, they are good for running. Since the Nike Air Max 3 was made to be a running shoe, you can consider them running shoes. Although it may not currently fall under this category, it undoubtedly did in the past.

However, it is necessary to note that it is so heavy that you won’t be running any significant distances in this one. Many people could object and remark that it isn’t a running shoe.

How Effective are Nike Air Max 97 for Cross-Training?

Cross-training entails alternating between several fitness modalities. Without knowing the kind of exercises you will be performing, it isn’t easy to evaluate whether the Air Max sneakers are good or not. Your choice of exercises will determine the answer.

Some Nike Air Max sneakers can be suitable for you if you combine several low-impact exercises in the gym, such as treadmill running, walking, squatting, and upper body training. However, most Nike Air Max shoes are unsuitable for hard lifting. That needs to be kept in mind. When we talk about each style,

Is the Nike Air Max 97 comfortable?

The Air Max 97 is a reasonably comfortable pair of shoes. Although the upper is a little more comfortable than the Air Max 95, the full-length Air unit makes for a stiffer fit and cushioning than prior models in the range.

While a pair of them may be a need for your Air Max collection, the AM97 is not my top option for Air Max comfort. The stiff, weighty Air unit in the midsole, even though the uppers seem a little plusher to me than some 95s, is still present.

Can People With Wide Feet Wear Nike Air Max 97?

Wide feet might need to size up by a half size. Despite having a more rigid and narrow fit than its predecessors in the Air Max line, some people find the Air Max 95 comfortable.

The Air Max 95 is a shoe that you will enjoy. It introduced a style featuring the segmented Air units in the midsole that later Air Maxes would model their design after. The Air Max 90s and 95s are typically a little bit tighter-fitting.

Why Do Nike Air Max 97 Shoes Fall Apart?

Any sneaker worn frequently enough will eventually sustain enough damage to disintegrate. Conversely, long-term sneaker storage causes glues to dry up and/or midsoles to separate.

Nikes are made to be worn, just like any other shoe. Sneakers eventually get worn down enough from daily use or sports to start to come apart at the seams. Photos of any skate, basketball, or running shoe taken after they have been used for their original sport may show holes, rips, tears, and/or loose midsoles. Such harm can eventually occur to even lightly used shoes.


It’s a nice experience to work out in Nike Air Max 97 shoes. Even though it has been more than 20 years since the Nike Air Max 97 was first introduced, it is still considered one of the company’s most iconic styles. It distinguishes itself from other running shoes with its distinctive wave pattern and secret lacing system.

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