IShowSpeed Net Worth: Height, Age, Bio, Career & Girlfriend.

Darren Watkins is an American YouTuber in his teens. He has a Youtube channel is named IShowSpeed with over 2.22 million subscribers.

He typically creates videos of various games. He also gives certain information about his life. At the time of writing, IShowSpeed net worth is estimated to be at least $400,000.


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IShowSpeed Early Life

Darren is at the end of his second year in high school. Prior to joining Youtube, Darren was still convinced that he shouldn’t attend college.

He did think about attending a trade school or focus on sports. However, Youtube has changed everything for him and that he’ll remain focused on the site.

He’s even contemplating getting out of the high school in the next academic year because the school is exhausting and should he be able to focus all of his attention on Youtube and progress, he would be more quickly.

IShowSpeed Net Worth and Career

The friend of Darren’s encouraged him to start doing Youtube. The funny thing is that his friend left, but he persevered and made in leaps and leaps and.

The reason he started Youtube due to the lockdown because there was no other things to do. The date of the first video was April 21st of 2020. He hasn’t stopped since then.

Prior to focusing all of his time to Youtube and other social media platforms, he worked in a job that was connected to an Nursing Home where he would bring food to older.

However, ever since he began making videos regularly and noticed the increase they saw, Darren has been dedicated to Youtube.

The reason he’s gained numerous subscribers across different media platforms within such a brief period of time is because He was different in that he was one of the few that were creating good quality videos about NBA2k20 as well as NBA2k21.

Darren offered some suggestions for content creators who are new, mentioning that it’s crucial to be different and also know where your strengths is.

IShowSpeed Height, Weight & Measurements

Darren Watkins aka IShowSpeed stands at five feet eight inches up to five feet eleven inches, or 180 to 172 cm tall. He weighs about 65kg or 143lbs.

The body measurements of his aren’t currently available. Also the color of his hair and eyes have both been described as black.

Personal Life

Like any other teenager, he’s struggled to make his family members realize the significance of what he’s doing and the value his work is bringing.

When he reached 100k users on Youtube and informed his mother that he had reached 100k, her reaction was not any kind of exciting and did not really pisse him off.

The video was made in which he talked about that his girlfriend cheated with him, which broke his heart to the core and he even cried during the clip.

It was because he loved this woman, who hails from Ohio and was supportive of her in her various endeavors.

IShowSpeed Net Worth

In 2021 Darren is estimated to have a net worth of $400,000. In a Q&A session, the actor also said that he earns anywhere from $100-$200 per stream, based on the length of the stream. This is an excellent income for someone of his age.

However, as his subscribers growing from 500k to 1 million in just a week, his income could begin to increase exponentially and now he’s currently on 3.3M at the time of writing this article.

IShowSpeed Social Media Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions About IShowSpeed

What Is Ishowspeed Real Name?

Streamer Ishowspeed actual name was Darren Watkins.

As with many YouTube stars such as Pwediepie, Dream, and KSI, Darren prefers his online username everywhere. Therefore, his fans recognize his name as Ishowspeed and Speed.

Watkins initially gained a lot of attention after his fans began to share Tiktok about his personal life. Then, they adored his style of living and his YouTube channel began to gain traction.

In fact, he lived up his famed speed. After 3.5 weeks, the number of Darren’s YouTube subscribers grew from 20k to one million.

The 30th of June, 2021 Ishowspeed reached 1 million subscribers of his Youtube channel. As a response to the milestone, Ishowspeed offered the name of his channel in a post that read, “Speed, It’s because I’m Speed”.

At the start of September in September, the IShowSpeed YouTube channel has been verified and has racked up 2.42M subscribers.

Ishowspeed Age – How Old is He?

Ishowspeed was able to achieve all this at 19 years old.

Speed’s birthday falls on the 21st of January every year. As with the zodiac sign of Aquarius, Speed is clever fast-witted, quick-witted and spirited.

Watkins was born in Michigan, USA. However, it is reported that he is living in Ohio currently.


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Twitch streamer Ishowspeed is at 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

He doesn’t appear too tall or short for his height. He has kept a strong and strong body and abs.

What exactly is IShowSpeed net worth?

We think Ishowspeed has a net worth of nearly 500,00 dollars by the end of 2021.

There are millions of people following him on social media. This means he earns an enormous amount through donations, streams advertisements, donations, and also sponsorships.

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