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Jack McBrayer

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Jack McBrayer
Jack McBrayer

Jack McBrayer Wikipedia Bio Data

Real NameJack McBrayer
Age47 years old
Birth Date27 May 1973
Birth PlaceMacon, Georgia, United States
Net Worth$10 Million
ProfessionAmerican actor, singer, and comedian
Marital StatusSingle

Jack McBrayer has a diverse yet enthralling, ingenuous personality. Big works uhn? It’s nothing compared to who Jack actually is. He is an iconic American actor as well as an iconic voice actor. Jack is also a popular comedian.

He gained fame and acclaim for his stunning and unrivalled role in the American talk show as well as an NBC sitcom called Late Night show and 30 Rock and 30 Rock, respectively.

He also won numerous awards for his unique talent and mind-boggling work. He has also done numerous voice work.

Jack McBrayer Early Life

Jack McBrayer was born in 1973 on the 27th May Macon in Georgia but he soon relocated to Conyers when he was only 15.

He was admitted to Conyers’ University of Evansville, which is located in Indiana. There, he pursued studies in theatre management, also known in the field of theatre management.

Apart from being interested in performing in the theatre Jack liked comedy. He performed sketch comedy and worked for the improv comedy venture called The Second City.

He also worked in the training center for comedy improvisation in Chicago and was known in the past as IO Chicago.

Jack McBrayer Age

Born on the 27th of May 1973. Jack McBrayer will be 47 years old on the date of this day, 24th January 2021. He is 1.79 meters tall and his weight is 73 kilograms.

Jack McBrayer Career So Far

Jack McBrayer made his debut in 2002 being a guest in the show “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” He appeared on more than eighty episodes on the show, and was on the show until 2004.

Jack is well-known as the character Kenneth Parcell in the comedy television show 30 Rock. He was even a character on the Late Night show in 2007 and the year 2008.

In 2008, he was portrayed in Mariah Carey’s video titled – Touch My Body.

Jack was a part of Season 5 of the American sketch comedy television show called Tim Eric and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! He was a versatile actor in various films.

In 2004 he was in the film Blackballed Bobby Dukes Story. Bobby Dukes Story. This could be considered as his debut film. The other films where he was a part of the cast are in particular, The Baxter, Spring Breakdown, Movie 43, The To-Do List, A Thousand Words and more.

Jack McBrayer, other than appearing on episodes of a late-night talk program, has also appeared on various other shows, such as The Weekends At The D.L, My Boys, The Getaway, etc.

The most notable work of his that earned his fame was his role on 30 Rock. He was as a character on 30 Rock for 38 episodes from 2006 until the year 2013.

Jack McBrayer Awards and Achievements

Jack aside from performing and doing comedy, also voiced in several animated series such as the Ugly Americans Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Phineas and Ferb, Smurfs: The Lost Village, Ralph Breaks the Internet Wreck-It Ralph 2.

The Colbert Report, Robotomy, Kung Fu Panda Holiday Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, Archer, Wander Over Yonder, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Axe Cop, Emo Dad and many more.

He was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for his part as a character in 30 Rock.

He was awarded an award called the “screen actors guild awards” in the category of Best Performance of an Ensemble on the comedy Series for his fascinating role on 30 Rock.

Jack McBrayer Net Worth & Salary

The wealth of Jack McBrayer is believed to be in the region of $10 million as at December 2021. The many roles McBrayer played on various sitcoms, shows on television and movies have all contributed to this staggering sum.

In addition his voice work on different animated shows has led to his staggering net worth.

Jack McBrayer is an ingenious and effective actor. He has been regarded as an influencer for many due to his diverse roles his character has performed over the years. In the present, he’s a character in the TV show called The Middle.

Jack Mcbrayer Height, Weight and Other Info

Physical beauty is a reflection of how your favourite celebrities are concerned about their appearance and fitness.

The beauty of stats on physical appearance like their weight, height and eye color has always been a part of the picture. It is evident. Jack Mcbrayer has a height of 1.79 meters. His weight for this individual is 73 kilograms. The weight value is able to be altered at any time. We attempt to present the most recent value.

Jack Mcbrayer Marital Status and Affairs

What is the marriage situation that is the case for Jack Mcbrayer? We will give details about his private life information here that could be your source of curiosity.

We will give you a few important details like affairs, marital status or spousal relationship, hobbies and more in this table. You’ll learn about his favorite things and personal interests in this section.

Jack McBrayer Career Timeline


In December of 2018 it was revealed that McBrayer was set to perform his West End stage debut in the transfer of the Broadway musical Waitress. He played the Ogie in the role. Ogie up to June 15 of 2019. The production premiered in The Adelphi Theatre, London on February 8th, 2019. In June He was in ITV’s The Sara Cox Show.


In the year 2018, McBrayer was one of the actors who recorded an audiobook called A Day in Marlon’s Life. Bundo.


As of 2010, the actor appeared in part as a character in Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. He has been a frequent guest on the show “Knock Knock Joke of the Day” on the cult children’s TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba! Since season 2 and has been a character in Craig McCracken’s upcoming television program Wander Over Yonder on the Disney Channel. The year 2011, Jack was a part of The Simpsons, in the season 22 episode “The Great Simpsina” as Ewell Freestone in the show ‘Peach Guy’.

In the fall of 2012 Jack was the voice of The Disney animated film, Wreck-It-Ralph as the character’s closest partner and opponent in the video game Fix-It FelixJr. In recent times the actor has appeared with Los Angeles Clippers player Blake Griffin in Kia commercials.

In 2013 he appeared in commercials in a commercial for Barnes & Noble. McBrayer’s Adult Swim series The Jack and Triumph Show was launched in February of 2015. In September of 2016 in The Big Bang Theory’s season 10, the premiere of The Big Bang Theory, McBrayer was the older sister of Penny’s Randall.


In 2008, he appeared in the music video “Touch My Body” by Mariah Carey. McBrayer admitted that he hit Carey on the face by throwing an Frisbee when he was shooting the video.

McBrayer is also featured in the opening episode of the fifth season of the Tim and Eric’s Awesome show, Great Job! as a spokesperson in an ad spoof for”Diarrho-phragm,” a fictional “Diarrhea-phragm.”

He worked as a voice actor on the American animated show Ugly Americans and in a regular role in The second season Phineas as well as Ferb.


Between 1995 and 2002, McBrayer worked for The Second City and IO Theater in Chicago and IO Theater in Chicago.

This experience led him to 30 Rock creator Tina Fey and helped him prepare for her role in her show. McBrayer played in over the course of 80 sketch on Late Night with Conan O’Brien (2002-04) and often satirized his personal Southern childhood through the portrayal of stereotyped hillbilly characters.

The 10th of August, 2007 and September 20 the 20th of September, 2008, he made performances in Late Night playing Kenneth Parcell from 30 Rock. On the first episode when O’Brien was there, he said to McBrayer, “I thought you were above this now.”

McBrayer was later seen on the show in the role of Kenneth at two different times (November 24 2009, January 13th in 2010) after the change of O’Brien’s show into The Tonight Show. He was a guest in O’Brien’s Legally Prohibited from being humorous on Television Tour at stops in Eugene, Oregon, Universal City, California (on the Universal Studios lot in which O’Brien taped Tonight) and at the final stop on the tour in Atlanta; McBrayer is from Macon which lies to the southeast of Atlanta and also in Georgia.

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