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Denetri Mixson, also known as the screen name Lil N9ne was an American rapper from America.

Lil was just 18 years old age at the time of his shooting and killed by gun violence on the 8th of June 20th, 2020 at Jackson, Florida.

Lil Nine has been recently dissected in a hip-hop track titled “Who I Smoke“, that went viral on TikTok. Lil Nine net worth is in the process of being reviewed currently although were never officially released as at the time of his death.

Lil N9ne Wiki Data

Full NameDenetri Mixson
Birth PlaceJacksonville, U. S.
Relationship StatusSingle
Net WorthUndeclared as at date of death
Death DateJune 8, 2020

Lil N9ne Early Life

Born in Jacksonville, United States of America. There is not much information on this young rapper.

The name of his father is Reginald Mixson, who organized GoFundMe to raise funds following his son’s death. He asked everyone in his family and friends to make a donation that will go a long way for his funeral.

Lil N9ne Career

Lil was not making his name as rapper. He has only a handful of songs credited with his moniker.

On February 20th in 2018, he debuted one of his earlier songs called “SouthSide” on Torrey Production YouTube channel. The track includes MBO TJ. The official video has been viewed more than 70 thousand times.

In the same year, on the 27th of June in 2018, his track entitled “Countryside Diss” was released on YouTube.

On January 4 2019, he uploaded an official video of his track “Pressure Givenchy Remix” on Bhood Productions YouTube channel. The video has received 43K views as of today.

In the following weeks, he sang his song “Facts”, whose official video was posted on January 15th 2019 to the VickMont Films YouTube channel.

The video had received 323K views at the time of writing.

In the same vein, his second song called “Cappin” was uploaded on the 19th of January 2019. The track features rappers such as, Luh Chris and Moody Tay.

The song he also has “Ready for Me” was released in February of 2019 to the VickMont Films channel. The song has been viewed 113K times on YouTube.

Lil N9ne’s journey in music was not long however, he’s impressed with his few tracks. Recently, the track “Who I Smoke” is becoming viral on the internet, slamming the rappers who died Bibby, Teki, and Lil N9ne.

The Florida rappers Spinabenz Yungeenace, Whoppa Wit Da Choppa and FastMoneyGoon, actually composed songs from the popular pop classic called A Thousand Miles.

The song has been deemed to be rude to the rappers who died.

Lil N9ne Relationship Status

Lil N9ne was a single person by the time he reached age. He’s never been in the limelight for his relationship with anyone.

His name has never been associated with any of the famous celebrities or actors.

Lil N9ne was killed and shot on the 8th of June in 2020 while the car he was in was along Atlantic Boulevard.

Lil N9ne Net Worth

In the brief span of his musical career his music has been the preferred choice of numerous young people.

Many of his fans take vacation time in order to enjoy his music across various streaming platforms.

Lil could have gone high in his career if simply he had been alive. However Lil is no longer than we are. He may have added an additional sum in his wealth but his net worth is not available.

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