Nike Air Max 270 Vs Adidas Ultra Boost Compared

Nike Air Max 270 Vs Adidas Ultra Boost

Both the Nike Air Max 270 and Ultra Boost are extremely popular running shoes and are considered by many to be the best running shoes on the market. But is there a difference between these two sneakers that makes one better than the other? In this blog post, I will compare and discuss the differences between these two shoe models.

The technology used in the Adidas Ultra Boost is the biggest difference between the Air Max 270 and Ultra Boost. This is the incorporation of pellets or particles of thermoplastic polyurethane. In contrast, the technology used in the Nike Air Max is the integration of air units, or airbags, in the sole.

The Air Max 270 and Ultra Boost differ significantly because the Air Max is more of a lifestyle shoe. It is made to be worn when running and walking normally. The Ultra Boost is a highly effective running shoe, in contrast. You can run marathons in comfort thanks to their durability.

Adidas and Nike are two of the most well-known brands in the footwear world. While these two brands compete in many areas, we are contrasting their most recent and popular products: the Nike Air Max 270 and the Adidas Ultra Boost.

Important Differences between Air Max and Ultra Boost

  • Adidas Ultra Boost is primarily worn by runners who enjoy jogging, lifting, lunging, or jumping, unlike athletes or shoe fans who wear Nike Air Max more frequently.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost is a more recent sneaker model than Nike Air Max, an older sneaker style.
  • The Adidas Ultra Boost’s outside design contains microparticles on the surface and looks sporty and casual, in contrast to the Nike Air Max’s premium appearance and glass or plastic finish.

Boot Comparison

Air Max 270Ultra-Boost
Which boot is easier to break in?Breaking into these shoes takes time.Breaking in is easyFit ComparisonFit is nice and smugThe shoe is fit For people with slim feet.
Which boot is easier to maintain?These boots are easy to maintain.Maintenance has based on the user.
Which Is Worth The Money?Air Max 270 is an amazing shoe that is worth the money.This shoe is worth the investment.
Which Is True To Size?This shoe is true to size.Ultra-boost sizing is true to size

Price Comparison

NO.Air Max 270PriceUltra-BoostPrice
1.Nike Men’s Gymnastics Shoes$84.82Adidas Women’s Ultra-boost 21 Running Shoe$89.53
2.Nike Men’s Air Max 270 Running Shoes$198.77Adidas Women’s Ultra-boost 22 Running Shoe$168.97
3.Nike Men’s Air Max 270 Running Shoes Dc1702$199.53Adidas Men’s Ultra-boost 20 Sneaker$114.99
4.Nike Women’s Stroke Running Shoe$148.99Adidas Ultra-boost 1.0 DNA Shoes Men’s$1129.95
5.Nike Men’s Air Max Genome Running Sneaker Shoes Cw1648$153.20Adidas Ultra-boost DNA Prime blue$179.97

Air Max 270 Pros and Con

1.Wearing it is comfy.It is rather pricey.
2.Its small weight is a major benefit.Despite the shoe’s many positive attributes, it is a man-made item that might not meet the demands of all.
3.It has sufficient breathing capabilities. 
4.It is elegant. 
5.For all-day comfort and responsiveness, a dual foam midsole is used. 
6.For excellent traction, a rubber outsole 

Adidas Ultra Boost Pros and Cons

1. Great color options, with a wide range of shades to choose from.Can be expensive, depending on the model you choose.
2.Very lightweight.You may have trouble finding a size that fits you comfortably. The brand only offers one size for men—a US men’s size 8—and three sizes for women—US women’s 5.5, 6, and 7.
3.Great for fashion-forward people who want to stand out. 
4.Ultra Boost is extremely comfortable to wear. It’s made with a mesh upper that provides breathability and support, while the rubber sole provides durability. It’s also lightweight, so you can run around in it all day if you want. 

Is Air Max 270 A Good Gym Shoe?

They are suitable for gym activities like utilizing the treadmill, lifting weights, using equipment, and CrossFit. The added ankle stability makes it easier for the wearer to stabilize difficult exercises like deadlifting, squatting, military press, etc.

However, you should avoid exercises that require lateral or side-to-side movements (basketball, tennis, volleyball). The Air Max 270 doesn’t have enough stabilization for the lateral motions that these sports need.

For everyday use, the gym, and for folks on their feet all day, they work flawlessly. Running and walking short distances are acceptable, but avoid pushing yourself too hard because they are not made for it.

What are Nike Air Max 270 meant for?

While considering lifestyle requirements for all-day wear, the 270 Air unit was created to focus on sports performance. The 2018 Air Max release included the largest air bubble with a super-soft bounce, ideal for busy days on the go.

Beyond its technology, the 270 is poised to establish itself as a classic Air Max design with a staple layer of comfort. Nike’s most recent and ground-breaking advancement in foam technology is highlighted in the foreground of the shoe. Its science-based design discovery began with a pressure map that revealed areas of continual impact to increase the comfort of jogging and walking.

Can you use Air Max 270 for running?

No, you can’t use Air Max 270 for running. The Air Max 270 is not a shoe that should be used for 5 or 10-kilometer runs or everyday jogging. Despite having a very athletic appearance, the Air Max 270 is only a casual sneaker that goes well with most clothes.

Unlike the lightweight, airy mesh found on most running shoes, the upper of the shoe is made of a sturdier mesh material. The Air Max 270 is the first Air Max to be made specifically for lifestyle wear, which is another fascinating aspect. Because of that, they were able to add an absurd amount of Air to this shoe to make the heel incredibly comfy.


The Adidas Ultra Boost and Nike Air Max are the two most well-liked models. They both have their good and bad sides while serving various purposes. Compared to other types of footwear, sneakers offer the wearer stability. The wearer gains flexibility from the shoes. Sneakers have evolved into more than just footwear; they are now recognized as a kind of social status. Sneaker wearers anxiously anticipate the introduction of new models.

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