Rachel Hilson Net worth, Height, Bio, Career, Fact & Social Media

Rachel Hilson Net worth, Height, Bio, Career, Fact & Social Media
Rachel Hilson Net worth, Height, Bio, Career, Fact & Social Media
Rachel Hilson
Real NameRachel Hilson
Age27 years old
Date of BirthOctober 30, 1995
Weight66 KG
Height5 Foot 7 Inches

Rachel Hilson is an accomplished actress from the United States. Rachel Hilson made her television debut on “Royal Plains” in 2012 and will make her debut on”Love, Victor” on Hulu program “Love, Victor” in 2020.

She is also well-known for her role on The Good Wife, a CBS Drama series The Good Wife where she was Nisa Dalmar. Not only that , she is also famous for her character of Nicole Patterson in Kings, and also as Beth Pearson on This Is Us.

In 2020, she was a part of the new drama series on Hulu called Love, Victor. The character she plays is Mia. Learn more about her from the information below.

What Is the Net Worth of Rachel Hilson?

The actress is one who has a wide range of talents. There will be no doubt she has a substantial net worth. Her net worth of $500k as at 2020, which she had amassed over her professional career. In actuality the actress makes cash by appearing in numerous television series, shows, as well as English films.

Additionally she earns American actress makes between $70,000 to $80,000 per part she takes in films and other events. The actress lives a an extravagant and relaxed life at Los Angeles, California.

Rachel Hilson’s Childhood

Rachel Hilson was born on October 30, 1995 at Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Rachel Hilson was born in Baltimore and was raised within the city. Rachel Naomi Hilson’s is her full name is and she was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

She is currently at is 27 years old in 2022. She’s an orthodox Christian. The actress is also an American native, with the heritage of a variety of races. She even hosted a memorable event with her parents as well as their closest friends.

Rachel Hilson Educational Background

Regarding her educational background the actress is an educated person. She was a student at a university within New York after graduating from high school.

After that, the actress graduated with an associate’s degree. In actuality the American actress ended her acting career only within New York. Then, she was a student at in the Baltimore School for the Arts.

Rachel Hilson’s professional life

Rachel Hilson discovered her talent to act when she was just 10 years old. Hilson moved away from her home town after she completed her high school studies in order to pursue more studies in politics as well as theatre at the University of New York.

Hilson appeared on TV at first in the year 2010 after having appeared in the US show “The Good Wife.” The show gave her the part in the role of Nisa Dalmar, a character she was on until the year 2014.

In the same way, in 2017 the American actress was seen in the movie “Kings.”

The other movies in which she’s been featured have included “The Slap” in 2015, “High Maintenance” in 2020, “Cass” in 2013 as well as “The Americans” in 2017. Then the American actress was seen in 2013’s movie “Class,” playing Cass Morris.

Rachel Hilson then appeared in various English films, such as “Night” in 2017 and “As They Slept” in the year 2019. Hilson was then offered the part as Beth Clarke in the popular show “This Is Us” from the year 2019 until 2020.

It was a play that showed Betha’s three stages and she acted in the stage of adolescence. The actress even used contact lenses to be eligible for her role. In the present Rachel is the American actress is known for her part on”Love, Victor” on the Hulu show “Love, Victor.”

Rachel was offered the chance to be a part of the show in 2020. Anthony Turpel, Bebe Wood, Mateo Fernandez, Michael Cimino, Ana Ortiz, Mason Gooding, and Isabella Ferreira are also featured in the same series.

From June 2020 through June 20, 2021 the actress performed in the role of Mia Brooks on the show. The series that grew out of”Love, Simon “Love, Simon” is produced by actor Nick Robinson and others.

During an interview interview Essence Rachel, she shared a story about her passion for writing. In actual fact, Rachel has stated that she is extremely happy with her work.

Rachel Hilson had even written an outline for an upcoming short film. Rachel also composed a playscript, which was made in collaboration with Gallatin Arts Festival. Gallatin Arts Festival.

Additionally, she has examined the issue of microaggressions as well as race. She utilized her amazing writing skills to illustrate this.

But, she was not able to secure her ideal role in a theatre production. In addition to her acting career, she also has many interests, such as singing, dancing and writing. In reality the American actress is determined to reach the heights in Hollywood’s acting talent.

Rachel Hilson Relationship Status

This American actress has kept her private life an extremely private one. In actual fact, Rachel Hilson has never disclosed a single detail about her prior or present relationships.

But, it is clear that Rachel Hilson remains straight. She is currently single and is not with anyone.

This American actor is focused on her career while is enjoying her relationship status. In addition, she lives a clean and neat life, staying clear of every controversy and gossip.

Rachel Hilson Body Measurement, Height, and Weight

In terms of the measurements of Rachel Hilson’s physique she’s 5’7 inches about 170 cm or 1.7 millimeters.

Also, she is slim in her body and a body weight of about 66KG or 130 pounds. In the same way, Rachel Hilson is an American actress has dark eyes as well as curly locks with the same shade.

Hilson is fair-skinned and wears a 5.5 in size (UK). Additionally, she seems to be extremely concerned about her appearance and health and must adhere to an appropriate balanced diet and exercise on a daily basis. In reality, she works out daily to keep well-maintained and fit for the remainder the time.

Rachel Hilson Social Media Pages

On the subject of social media platforms, Rachel Hilson is very active across numerous platforms. She is an American model has her own Instagram account with 50k followers.

She also has a Twitter account that has more than 30000 followers.

In reality, Wikipedia has a page dedicated to the American actress. The social media profiles of her include posts on her professional life as well as her time off. In addition she is also a highly private person who has made sure to keep the details of her private life secret.

Interesting Facts About Rachel Hilson You Don’t Know

  • Rachel Hilson is a well popular American actress. She has appeared in only some films, but has appeared in a number of drama shows.
  • Her birth date was 1995 as per the Wikipedia information. She’s aged 27 in 2022. She is celebrating her birthday the 30th day of October every year.
  • The details about her academic and childhood experiences is not accessible.
  • The actress has not disclosed the information about her family or parents We’re not even sure whether she has siblings or not.
  • According to one source, she is the height of 5 6 inches and gt. The weight around 66 pounds. Other measurements of the body aren’t available.
  • The majority of her personal information is confidential. Therefore, we don’t have details about her relationships as well as her boyfriend.
  • Rachel hasn’t shared any information about her earnings or net worth. However, we’re pretty certain that she made quite a lot of money from the acting profession she has pursued.
  • Her films include Cass, Night, Kings and As They Slept. The dramas she has in her series include Royal Plans, the Good Wife, The Slap, Rise, This Is Us along with Love, Victor.
  • Rachel is very active on Instagram and regularly post about her activities and life. She has more than 15k followers.

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