Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots


The main distinction between Rujo and Tecovas boots is that the insole on Rujo is more comfortable. Tecovas also have more space in the footbed than Rujo. Aside from that, they are nearly identical.

Rujo boot buyers affirm that there is significantly more room than in Tecovas and that they occasionally need to size down. They seem to be a better fit for me, so I’m going to follow them. There are different lengths as well. Rujos, like Tecovas offers top-notch customer care and quality control, and both companies will be profitable for you.

Rujo Boots Vs Tecovas

Rujo vs Tecovas: Pros and Cons

Rujo Boots Pros and Cons

1.Their boots include nice leather stacked heels that are removable.Less footbed space
2.You will appreciate the premium calfskin leather lining.It might not be within your budget
3.They make their shoes by hand-hammering Lemonwood pegs. 
4.100% real hides and skins are used to create shoes. 
5.On their website, they provide free shipping, free exchanges, and free returns. 
Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots

Tecovas Pros and Cons

1.From top to bottom, premium materials are used.The amount of products available for women is less than that for men.
2.Free refunds, shipping, and exchanges.Not everyone may like wearing cowboy boots.
3.More affordable than rivals and merchants.The majority of the collection is only available online
4.Simple, timeless, and classic designs that are built to last. 
5.Smart, casual, and professional looks can all benefit from cowboy boots. 
Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots

Rujo Boots Vs Tecovas Boots Comparism Chart

Rujo bootsTecovas Boots
Which Boot Is Easier To Break In?Rujo boots are easy to break-in if you follow the right steps.The break-in process is quite simple.
Which Boot Is Easier To Maintain?Their boots are not very easy to maintain.Tecovas boots are relatively easy to maintain.
Fit ComparisonRujo boots aren’t very comfortable, you might need to buy a size bigger than your original size.It offers a comfortable and snug fit.
Which Is True To Size?Rujo boots are fairly true to size.Tecovas boots are true to size.
Which Is Worth The Money?Yes, they are worth the investment if they suit your taste.  They offer quality boots that are worth your money.

Rujo Boots Vs Tecovas Price Comparison

NO.Rujo bootsPriceTecovas BootsPrice
1.The Roscoe $375.00Men’s Suede Boots – The Roy$235
2.The Tate$265.00Women’s Ostrich Boots – The Jessie$355
3.The Arturo$495.00Women’s Calfskin Boots – The Penny$195
4.The Vance$245.00Men’s Ostrich Boots – The Duke$345
5.The Gavin$395.00Men’s Limited-Edition Python Boots – The Boone$385
Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots

Are Tecovas boots made of quality materials?

Yes, tecovas are made of quality materials. Since the heel counters of Tecovas are made of materials other than leather, they might not last as long as leather. Additionally, the shank is covered in plastic and could split in the future, causing squeaking.

The leather outsole is rumored to be of lower quality, so you might need to get this resolved sooner rather than later. They might not bother you in the future if you only use them for casual clothing, and you might be just fine. Some Luchesse models skimp on manufacturing for the same reasons I listed above, and those made in Mexico are far from as nice as those made in the US.


How do Tecovas Fit?

Tecovas boots are simpler to size for your feet than most other boot brands. The same size as your dress or athletic shoes should be ordered for your Tecovas boots. Therefore, if you already own a pair of Nike, Adidas, Converse, etc. shoes, you’ll want the same size.

If you’re comparing your Tecovas size to that of other boot manufacturers, that would be helpful. I ordered a size 10 in Red Wing, Wolverine, Timberland, and Thursday boots. I get a half size smaller for these brands because they fit more like traditional boots. That’s not the case with Tecovas, though. There are a few crucial decisions to be made before buying your Tecovas.

Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots

How Long Does It Take To Break In Tecovas Boots?

There isn’t much of a break-in period for Tecovas boots. Since the leather is supple and smooth, they gradually crinkle and stretch as you wear them.

If anything, put on thicker socks the first few times you wear your new Tecovas out. That will stop blisters from forming on your skin. But the leather should be completely broken in after a few miles of walking.

The sole and footbed of the Tecovas boots are both made of leather, which doesn’t provide much shock absorption, so that may be the only additional difficulty you run into when breaking them in. Your feet could become uncomfortable as a result of a long day of standing or walking.

Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots

Are Rujo Boots Worth The Money?

If Rujo Boots fit within your price range, they are high-quality boots in and of themselves. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this Western company makes authentic cowboy boots in Dallas, Texas, since Texas is frequently on people’s minds when they think of cowboy boots.

Although RUJO Boots are new compared to other brands, they have been made in León, Mexico, which is also regarded as the world’s center for cowboy boots, since the 1700s.

Each pair of boots made by hand in León is produced with authenticity at the forefront of design. These brand’s boots are competitively priced, have some mouth-watering styles, and have quality construction. They also have a lenient return policy, so you can find your ideal pair without worrying about the hassle returns might cause.

Rujo Boots Vs. Tecovas Boots


Which sizes do Tecovas offer?

Similar to dress shoes and sneakers, Tecovas boots are comfortable. A size 11 in Nike, Adidas, or Converse sneakers will fit the same as a size 11 in Tecovas. You should order Tecovas in a larger size, such as an 11.5 if you typically wear size 11 boots like Red Wing or Wolverine.

What distinguishes cowboy boot sizes D and EE?

While EE will suit bigger feet, D will accommodate feet with a typical foot width. The majority of men should obtain a D-width boot. However, an EE width is preferable if your feet ever feel constrained in shoes.

Can I buy Tecovas products on Amazon?

Unexpectedly, yeah. You should be aware that the boot selection is constrained and alarmingly pricey. Avoid Amazon and make your purchases straight from the company, either online or at their physical store.

What Country Produces Tecovas Products?

A group of artisans in León, Mexico, handcraft each pair of western boots for Tecovas. To assure precision, each group performs a whopping 200 steps on each boot.

Are Tecovas boots affordable?

Cowboy boots are not cheap when it comes to cost. But since the company sells directly to customers, as I indicated in the Tecovas Boots Review, you won’t have to deal with exorbitant markups.



Both brands use exquisite leather, and I believe their design and quality are excellent. Boot brands like Tecovas and Rujo aim to give their consumers the finest possible service and experience. Despite being created by different businesses, they both come from the same manufacturer in Leon, Mexico.

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