Steven Rinella Net worth, Height, Bio, Career, Fact & Social Media

Steven Rubella Net worth, Height, Bio,Career, Fact & Social Media
Real NameSteven Rinella
Sexual OrientationStraight
Age47 years (2021)
Date of BirthFeb 13, 1974
Zodiac SignAquarius
Place of BirthTwin Lake, MI
MotherRosemary Johnson
FatherFrank J. Rinella
Hair ColorBlonde
Weight180 lbs (82 kg)
Height6′ 0″ (1.84 m)
Net Worth$3 Million
Marital StatusMarried to Catherine Parlette Finch
ChildrenSons (Two) Daughter(s) (One)

Steven Rinella (born Feb 13th 1974) is an American hunter, outdoorsman, conservationist, writer and TV personality that was raised in Twin Lake, MI, United States of America.

Rinella is well-known because he hosts the MeatEater show the weekly half-hour program that is a part of Netflix. In addition, he is known for bringing the fishing and hunting lifestyle to a variety of viewers.

He also hosts the podcast The MeatEater Podcast On iTunes in which he discusses various techniques for hunting, equipment and tales.

The show is built around Rinella’s hunting experiences across such places like Montana, Alaska, Mexico, New Zealand, Arizona Wisconsin and California.

Steven Rinella Age, How old is Steven Rinella?

Steven Rinella is 48 years old at the time of 2022. He was born on 13 February 1974 at Twin Lake, MI, United States. His birthday is celebrated on the 13th of February every year, and His birthstone is Aquarius. Rinella will turn 47 on February 13, 2021.

Steven Rinella Height

Steven Rubella Net worth, Height, Bio,Career, Fact & Social Media

Steven is taller than average,  he’s ‘6’ 0”(1.84 m) talks and weighs around 180 pounds (82 kilograms). Steven appears quite taller in his photographs. His hair is blonde but Steven’s body measurements are not available.

Steven Rinella Educational Background

Information about Steven Rinella educational background are not accessible, but immediately after graduating from the high school level, he attended Grand Valley State University where he studied and graduated in December 1996. In addition, he has a masters qualification from the College of the field of Fine Arts in Montana from Montana University.

Steven Rinella Family

Steven Rinella Parents

Steven was the child of two parents of a large family living in Twin Lake, MI. The son of Frank J. Rinella was a fisherman and hunter and the mom Rosemary Johnson was a housewife. In addition, Rinella revealed that his father taught him and his brothers to fish from a very young age.

Steven Rinella Brother

Steven was born alongside his two brothers who were fishermen, Daniel and Matthew. He is the eldest one of his Rinella brothers.

His elder brother Daniel is an ecologist of freshwater in the University. As soon as more information regarding Steven’s brothers becomes available, we will update his family members right away.

Steven Rinella Wife

Steven Rubella Net worth, Height, Bio,Career, Fact & Social Media
Steven Rinella & Catherine Finch

Steven has been happily married to beautiful spouse Catherine Parlette Finch. Rinella got married to his long-time girlfriend Catherine on the shores of Fennville, MI on July 12, 2008 in an exquisite wedding ceremony presided over by Rev Todd Petty.

The couple also has three children and live within New York City. The wife of Steven Rinella Catherine Parlette Finch serves as the Chief Communications Officer of MeatEater, Inc..

Steven Rinella Wife Bio | Catherine Finch Bio

The wife of Steven Catherine Finch is an American publicity director and Chief Communications Officer, who was born and was raised in Saugatuck, MI.

She is well-known as the wife of the outdoorsman, conservationist and writer Steven. Catherine Finch is the daughter of Cynthia R. Stewart and Terry L. Stewart. She also attended Colorado College. Rinella has also stated that his wife is more self-assuring and rational than him. This makes her a great family leader.

Steven Rinella Wife Age | Catherine Finch Age

The wife of Rinella Catherine Finch is 44 years old as of the year 2022. Information about her exact date of birth aren’t available but when the information becomes available, we’ll update it.

Steven Rinella Wife Net Worth | Catherine Finch Net Worth

Catherine Finch has an estimated Net Worth of $500K as of the year 2020. This comprises her personal assets, cash as well as income.

The primary source of income is her work as an business owner. Through diverse sources of income Rinella’s Wife has managed to build a fortune, yet she prefers the life of a simple life.

Steven Rinella Net Worth

Steven Rinella has an estimated Net Worth of $3 million in 2020. This includes his assets including money, assets, and income.

The main source of income comes from his profession as an outdoorman writer, conservationist, and TV host. Through various streams of earnings, Rinella has been able to amass a wealth of fortune, but she prefers modestly.

Steven Rinella MeatEater

Steven Rinella is the host of MeatEater the weekly half-hour series on Netflix.

The show is inspired by Rinella’s hunter adventures in various locations such as Montana (deer and the elk); Alaska (waterfowl, mountain goat, Dall sheep caribou and Black bear); Mexico (wild turkey and buffalo); New Zealand (tahr red stag, chamois, and Red Stag); Arizona (mountain lion, Coues deer); Wisconsin (white-tailed deer and rabbit) as well as California (wild the pigs, quail as well as turkey.)

The show presents a defense of hunting and suggests that hunters must serve as stewards of the environment and guardians of their prey species.

The shows show basic recipes for meals after the hunt. For instance, a deer’s heart covered in fat caul roasting over a flame and javelina meat that is boiled in the animal’s stomach and many other common recipes. The first episode of the series was launched on January 1st 2012 and is now in the eighth season.

Steven Rinella Hunting Gear

As a child, Steven’s father taught him to hunt and how to carry himself through the woods. He was the first to shoot a squirrel in 1982.

Prior to heading out into the woods to hunt, Rinella straps in the most effective hunting equipment money can purchase. Steven’s most essential hunting equipment includes:

  • Stone Glacier packs
  • Savage Arms rifles
  • First light clothing
  • Yeti Coolers
  • Vortex Optics
  • Schnee’s Boots/ Waterproof XtraTuf Boots
  • FHF Bino Harness
  • Outoorsmans Tripod
  • SteriPEN Adventurer Water Purifier
  • Showa Atlas Rubber Work Gloves
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Nalgene
  • MSR Dromedary
  • Paracord
  • Black Diamond Revolt Headlamps
  • Starbucks Vias

Steven Rinella The Wild Within Show

Prior to MeatEater, Rinella hosted The Wild Within The Wild Within, an eight-episode show on the Travel Channel.

Steven Rinella Books

In addition to being an outdoor enthusiast and TV star, Rinella is also a well-known author. Steven is the author of a variety of books, including the MeatEater cookbook, as well as several other titles:

  • The Complete Guide to Hunting
  • American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon (2009)
  • Food Eater The Adventures of Meat Eater from the life of an American Hunter(2013)
  • The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine
  • The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook (2018)

Steven Rinella Sponsors

Steven and his show about hunting MeatEater has had a enormous success thanks to a few brand sponsors as well as sponsors. Rinella’s MeatEater is supported by:

  • Chernin Group
  • First Lite
  • YETI
  • Carnivore Club
  • Weston Products
  • Steven Rinella Hunter Shows
  • The Wild Within (2011)
  • MeatEater (Since 2012)

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Steven Rinella Hunter

Who is Steven Rinella?

Steven is a well-known conservationist and author who earned wide recognition for his role as host on his TV show, MeatEater.

Is MeatEater Cancelled?

Television series about hunting MeatEater is not cancelled at this time. MeatEater is available on Netflix and has yet to resume the broadcast of Season 9.

What type of firearm do Steven Rinella use?

Steven utilizes an Carolina Custom Rifle while hunting on the MeatEater TV show.

How old is Steven Rinella?

Steven Rinella is 48 years old at the time of 2022. The man is an American national born on February 13, 1974 within Twin Lake, Michigan.

How tall is Steven Rinella tall?

Steven has an height of 6’0″ and weighs around 180 pounds (82 kilograms). Steven appears quite taller in his photographs. His hair is blonde but Steven’s body measurements are not available.

Is Steven Rinella married?

Yes. Steven married Catherine Parlette Finch on July 12, 2008 at Fennville, Michigan. The couple met when Steven was promoting his first book. They began dating in 2006, and were married two years after. They share three children.

What is Steven Rinella worth?

Steven Rinella has an estimated net worth of $3 million. His profession as a TV personality as well as a writer are the main sources of his earnings.

How much does Steven Rinella make?

As of now, we do not have the exact salary details. This section will be updated page when we get reliable information from a reliable source.

Where does Steven Rinella live?

Steven is an citizen of NewYork City, NY USA. Additionally, when we know the exact location of residence, we’ll upload photos of his home right away.

Where is Steven Rinella Now?

Steven has been hunter of game meat since his childhood. He is currently the host of his daily 30 minute show, MeatEater, that airs on Netflix.

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