Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On

Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On

Nike blazers are fashionable shoes that so many people love, but the problem is that most people find it difficult to put them on. This is not a problem of age, as many young people face the same problem, but why are Nike blazers so hard to put on?.

For different reasons, Nike blazers are hard to put on because of different factors, ranging from the size you bought to many other factors. Another primary reason a Nike blazer might be hard to put on is that it was designed to get tight, especially when you tighten the laces.

So if you are among those that are finding it hard to put on Nike blazers, then you should read this article till the end because, at the end of it, you will discover all the reasons why Nike blazers are so hard to put on and some of the possible solutions to help you wear them quickly.

Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On
Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On

Why are Nike Blazers so hard to put on?

Below are some reasons why Nike blazers are so hard to put on.

  1. Size
  2. Wide foot
  3. The shape of the shoe doesn’t conform to your foot.
  4. You need to break-in
  5. the shape of the shoe.
  6. The shoe width
  7. depth of the shoe.
  8. space at the end of the shoe.


This is a common but overlooked reason why your blazer shoes might be so hard to put on.

Buying the wrong size because that particular shoe looks delicate or beautiful is one of the reasons why Nike blazers can be so hard to put on, and it is a very wrong thing to do because you might end up not wearing the shoe because of how tight it will be. 

However, if you have already fallen into this trap, you can still get yourself out of it by consistently wearing the shoe to break it in. However, the process will tend to hurt your legs initially.

So to avoid this, don’t just check shoe seize and say this is my take and then make payment for it without putting in your legs to test and be sure it does size you.

The size indicated inside the shoe may vary depending on the brand, just like with clothing. So, while choosing the right shoe, your shoe size is merely a place to start.

Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On
Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On

Wide foot

Most of the time, a Nike blazer shoe might be your exact size but still very hard to put on. When this happens, it is because you have a wide foot.

Naturally, Nike blazers are not made for people with wide feet because they have a smaller width. However, if you have a wide foot and are also in love with the shoe, you should go for one slightly bigger than your standard size so your legs can fit well.

The shape of the shoe doesn’t conform to your foot.

Size and a wide foot are why Nike blazers are hard to put on, while the shape of the shoe is another primary reason why you may find it challenging to put on a Nike blazer.

If the shape of the Nike blazer you buy doesn’t fit your leg shape and size, you will also find it challenging to put on the shoe.

This is why we keep stressing the importance of testing the shoe at the shoe seller’s shop before making payment and taking it home because most shoe sellers do not have a return policy.

Width of the shoe

Any Nike blazer shoes you want to buy should be the same width as the ball of your foot (the widest part just before your toes begin). 

Without this, you will find it challenging to put on your shoes, and even if you do, you will not feel comfortable wearing them.

The width of a shoe is always overlooked, but you shouldn’t follow the crowd to buy any shoe without checking out all the things we have listed in this article so that you will have nothing to regret after buying any shoe, especially the Nike blazer shoes.

Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On
Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On

Depth of the shoe.

If you have hammertoes or other issues, the shoe should be deep enough to accommodate your toes. Your toes will rub against the top of the shoe if the toe box is too small, which could lead to calluses or blisters.

If your Nike blazer shoes are deep enough, it will be easy to put them on, and you will save yourself from blisters and toe injuries caused by tight shoes.

Space at the end of the shoe.

The width is to make the most comprehensive part before your toes comfortable, while the space at the end of any shoe makes your toes feel comfortable as well.

If you don’t want to have blisters or any leg injury that might result from a tight shoe, you should also check and be sure that there is space at the end of this.

Apart from feeling comfortable wearing them, the space at the end of the shoe also has a significant role in making a Nike blazer shoe easy to put on.

You need to break in.

Those with wide feet are not the most comfortable shoes to wear, but they are worth it because they look great and are ideal for casual use and weightlifting.

The shoes need to be broken in before you can put them on quickly if it is difficult for you to do so. They’ll be cozier and more accessible thanks to this.

Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On
Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On

Are Nike Blazers supposed to be tight?

Yes. It can take you longer to break in your Nike Blazers because they are designed to fit snugly to give your feet an attractive shape while you wear them. You should be able to put them on, though, with some practice and patience.

Nike Blazers are known for being particularly slim. Nike Blazers are frequently questioned over their intended level of tightness.

The Nike Blazers may not be the most excellent choice if your feet are wide. It can simply take you extra time to break them in. Before you buy, make sure the design is to your liking.

How do I put Nike Blazers on?

Follow the instructions below to quickly put on Nike blazers.

  • Remove the laces from the top three eyelets and thoroughly loosen the laces on the sneaker. This enables the tongue to move more freely and create a larger foot opening.
  • Shoehorn it in. Your foot can fit into a fitted jacket more easily with the aid of a shoehorn.

Do Nike Blazers run small or big?

If you’re buying a new pair of Nike sneakers, you might be curious about how big or small they run. While Nike shoes often run true to size, you can check their website for their sizing guides before making a purchase.

They are neither baggy nor tight because they fit true to size. Your Nike Blazers will not let you down; Nike is a brand renowned for its fit. Check the sizing chart on Nike’s website before purchasing if you are still unclear about the size.

Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On
Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On

How can I make my Nike Blazer more comfortable?

Wearing your Nike blazers daily is one of the best ways to make them more comfortable. Even if you stay home, you can still wear it with thick socks. This way, you would expand it to fit your leg and become more comfortable.

Please put on your pair of Nike Blazers and get ready for your workout after you feel confident wearing them all day. It might be challenging to break in Nike Blazers, especially if you’re not used to using athletic footwear.

Take your feet out of the shoes as soon as you feel pain, and let them sit at room temperature for about an hour. After that, put them back in and use them all day long while taking brief breaks indoors. Repeat this procedure as often as necessary, if necessary.

How to Break in Nike Blazers

To break in Nike blazers, you must follow the same procedures of making it more comfortable by wearing them regularly at home with thick socks. You can also wear the boot for lifting.

Use a shoe filler to make the boots more comfortable if you intend to wear them out and about. To make your sneakers more comfortable for you to wear, you might also want to replace the insoles.

Using shoe stretchers to stretch the shoes to the correct size is another approach to breaking in your new Nike Blazers. However, you must be careful not to overstretch it.

If you’re not careful, breaking your Nike Blazers can take some time. Avoid harsh environments that could harm these shoes before you wear them correctly.

Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On
Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On

Do Nike blazers stretch out?

Yes, Nike blazers do stretch out. To stretch out your Nike blazers, get some Ziploc bags, fill them with water, and shove them into your shoes to stretch out your sneakers overnight. The water will then freeze, expand, and further widen your boots when you place them in the freezer overnight.

Are Nike blazers suitable for running?

Although the Nike Blazer shoe might look like a boot you can wear to run, it is not suitable for running because it wasn’t designed for such, and if you use it for running, it can easily get ripped off.

However, although the Nike Blazer might look like one of the best running shoes available, it lacks the cushioning you require for exercise. Invest in more excellent shoes with more cushioning if you wish to run professionally.

Nike Blazers are occasionally used for running but shouldn’t be used regularly for running if you want to maintain the shoe and wear it for some other occasion.

Are Nike blazers suitable for walking?

Suppose all you want to do is take a walk, maybe outside your neighborhood or anywhere. In that case, the Nike Blazers shoe is one of the perfect shoes for you because it provides durable upper construction and a flat bottom that provides the proper grip and traction to deliver efficient results when working out in the gym or just taking a walk.

Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On
Why Are Nike Blazers so Hard to Put On

 When exercising on carpeted surfaces, the interior cushioning layer of the shoe gives you adequate comfort, shock absorption, impact protection, and slip protection. This shoe is appropriate for all activities and perfect for everyday usage.

The Nike Blazer offers the ideal level of comfort and support to help you improve your endurance. Its durability and support for your ankle are positive aspects.

Are Nike blazers suitable for lifting?

The Nike blazers are one of the best shoes on the market that are the best fit for lifting because they have all the requirements for lifting, such as every hill height to support pushing up from the ground, ankle protection, and a lot more.

Because of how durable they are, you can use them for a very long time and not worry about them getting spoiled quickly, except if you use them for running.

How to Take Care of Nike Blazers

To care for your Nike blazers shoes, you must always store them properly after wearing them, dry them with air, stuff them with crumpled-up newspaper, and don’t use a washing machine to wash them.

You can also take care of your Nike blazers by not wearing them too much and washing the laces after wearing them.

With this, your Nike blazer shoes will still look clean and new no matter the age of the shoe.


Nike blazers are very fashionable shoes but always tend to feel tight, especially when bought new. Many people have been asking why Nike blazers are so hard to put on.

However, we have taken our time to mention some of the reasons why Nike blazers are always hard to put on and some of the things you can do to break them in quickly.

In summary of the post, below are some significant reasons why Nike blazers are so hard to put on.

  1. Size
  2. Wide foot
  3. The shape of the shoe doesn’t conform to your foot.
  4. You need to break-in
  5. the shape of the shoe.
  6. The shoe width
  7. depth of the shoe.
  8. space at the end of the shoe.
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