Why Are Your Vans so Uncomfortable

Why are Vans so uncomfortable?

Your Vans might be uncomfortable because they have minimal cushioning, are made with a tough canvas/suede material, and have no ankle collar. If you wear vans for long walks, running, and hiking, your feet might hurt because they are not specially made for these activities.

Why are Vans so uncomfortable?
Why are Vans so uncomfortable?

Previously, the Vans company was widely known as a skateboard company since they only produced skateboarding shoes at the time. But over the years, it has made other designs for everyday activities like walking. However, some of these designs are not so comfortable. I have used two Vans shoe designs, and I can tell you that they do not offer the same level of comfort. 

In this article, I have covered several issues regarding how comfortable Vans shoes are. If you’re considering getting a pair of van shoes, you should know certain things about the shoe before you do. This article can give you insight into these things. 

Why are vans so uncomfortable?

There are a couple of reasons why vans shoes are so uncomfortable. I noticed these reasons when I first wore my old skool vans. My feet hurt like hell after only four hours of wearing them; I felt the most pain around my small toe, and I couldn’t help but wonder if all vans hurt like that.

So I got my Vans Comycrush after several no-pain recommendations from friends who wear them, and I’ve loved them since.

Why are Vans so uncomfortable?

After comparing these two vans (old skool vans and Comycrush) together, I noticed three reasons why the old skool Vans were so uncomfortable. They are:

1. Minimal Cushioning 

Most van shoes, like the old skool vans, have flat soles with little to no cushions. Naturally, this is meant to provide the feet with excellent walking barefoot feel and flexibility in movement, but when these shoes are worn for a long time, they tend to hurt like crazy. 

Cushions support the feet and arch by absorbing and distributing shock on the foot and the body, which helps prevent injury in the lower back, hips, and feet. Most Vans shoes are not equipped with this.

2. Toughness of the canvas/suede material

Another reason why most Vans shoes are so uncomfortable is because of the materials they’re made of. Unlike soft and cushioned shoes, Vans shoes come with tough/thick canvas and suede uppers. This attribute is not necessarily flawed, as the dense and tough material is needed to withstand wear and tear.

However, this material also makes it hard for our feet to break into them and difficult for them to conform to our feet easily. 

3. No Ankle Collar

Another reason vans are so hard is the absence of the ankle collar. Its function is to hold the heel in place, preventing it from slipping and sliding, and it doesn’t irritate the back of your ankle. Vans do not have this. 

Why are Vans so uncomfortable?

How do I stop my Vans from hurting?

How to stop your vans from hurting? You could get a new pair of vans as I did. But if you’re in love with current vans and looking for a way to make them work, you could try out these steps (Below).

I haven’t tried them, but so many reviews and people claim they work, so you could give them a try. Okay, here it is:

  1. Heat the rubber areas of the shoe (soles) with any heating appliance (preferably a hairdryer) on medium heat until they are warm and soft. Take care not to ruin your shoes in the process.
  2. Wearing a pair of thick socks to protect your feet from the heat, put on the shoes and walk around in them until the shoes cool off. This will allow the heated areas of the shoes to adjust to accommodate your feet perfectly to lessen the discomfort.
  3. Feel free to repeat the process on both sides of the shoe until walking in them feels comfortable. 

Why are Vans so hard?

Vans shoes have sturdily designed vulcanized rubber soles to provide long-term durability and support. Coupled with this stiff rubber sole, most Vans have very little cushioning. However, recent Vans designs like the UltraRange and Vans’ Pro lineup, and my favorite, ComyCrush, offer better cushioning than their predecessors. 

How long do Vans take to break in?

It takes 7–8 weeks to break in a pair of Vans with regular use. However, if you wear your vans on a daily basis, you can cut the time down to 6 weeks. Nevertheless, you can reduce the time even further with some break-in tips. I will share these break-in tips with you later in this article.

Here are recommendations to break in vans fast.

1. Use a Shoe Stretcher

Shoe stretchers work great with Vans making them easy to break into by gently stretching out the upper when you’re not wearing them.

2. Wear Thick Blister-Proof Socks and Band-Aids

As I mentioned before, blister-proof socks and band-aids are great options for preventing blisters. With a combination of these two, you can avoid having blisters and wear your Vans shoes for a long time, giving them enough stretch to fasten the ‘break-in’ process.

3. Bend Them 

Bending vans’ shoes tend to soften them, making them easy to break into. To do this, firmly hold the toe of the shoe and the heel and slowly bend them inwards, bringing both ends together. Repeat the process for better results.

You can try out the heating method I mentioned in this article’s “How do I stop my Vans from hurting’‘ section.

How to Prevent Heel Blisters From Vans Shoes

Blister-proof socks and band-aids are great options for preventing blisters, in my opinion. You can use them to control your heel from rubbing on the rugged upper when you wear your van shoes. 

Another excellent way of preventing heel blisters is a heel pad. They are nifty little gel cups that slip over your feet to eradicate the risk of blisters. Heel pads are thick fat pockets surrounded by tough but stretchy muscle fibers. Whenever you walk, run, or jump, heel pads act as cushions, protecting your bones and Jones by distributing your body weight and absorbing shock.

Why are Vans so uncomfortable?

Why Are Vans so Hard to Put On

1. Absence of loops at the back

Have you ever noticed those bent complex rope-like fabrics on the back of shoes? Yes, those are loops. They are also known as bootstrap or pull tabs. They allow you to remove the shoes with your fingers, helping your foot slide inside a shoe effortlessly. Vans do not have loops which makes them hard to put on. 

2. Hard and Thick Upper materials

As I said before, most Vans uppers are made with canvas or suede materials needed for durability. But these materials also prevent the van’s shoe from being flexible, making it difficult to put on.

3. Not wearing socks

Slipping into vans shoes without wearing socks can be very difficult. The canvas or suede upper tends to rub against the skin when you try to wear your vans without socks instead of just letting the foot slide in. why are vans so popular

The most significant reason vans are so popular is their versatility in designing features that produce comfort. These designs are so fashionable and never seem to go out of style. You can wear them to the skatepark, events, or work. They can be worn by all (children and adults, men and women).

Do vans cause plantar fascia?

Flats shoes are one of the types of shoes that cause plantar fasciitis. These shoes offer little to no support for the arches of your feet, meaning that your plantar fascia won’t be able to distribute your weight and absorb the shock that comes with moving.

Vans shoes are flat shoes with little to zero support for arches, so we can say they can cause plantar fasciitis.

I told you there were additional tips to shorten the time range for breaking into Vans shoes. These other tips include:

Vans sk8-hi uncomfortable

The Vans sk8-hi was introduced in 1978. This design comes with sturdy suede and canvas uppers in various classic and unexpected colorways. It also includes reinforced toe caps, supportive padded collars, and rubber waffle outsoles. 

Due to its supportive padded collars, it is safe to say the vans sk8-hi offers a higher level of comfort than most vans. 

Why are Vans so uncomfortable?
Why are Vans so uncomfortable?


Do Vans ever get comfortable?

Yes, with consistent everyday wearing vans, shoes usually take 7 – 8 to break into and get comfortable.

How tight should Vans be?

Vans shoes should be tight enough that they comfortably fit your feet.

Do you wear socks with Vans?

It is a good idea to wear socks with your Vans as they tend to absorb a lot of sweat and make it easier to get your Vans on and off.

Can I wear Vans If I don’t skate?

The Vans Company does offer models that are not meant for skating; you can get any of those models if you don’t skate.

Is it okay to wokayVans to the gym?

Yes, you can wear Vans in the gym as they are good shoes for lifting.

Is there a difference between a girl and boy Vans?

Yes, boy and girl vans differ in style, color, size, and cut.


Vans shoes have been in operation for a long time and have become very popular. The Vans brand is known for its versatile nature and various shoe designs to provide comfort. 

The first vans shoe I got was the old skool van. They were stylish and classic but hurt like hell when I walked in them. However, my second vans shoe (Vans ComyCrush) treats my feet like babes. They don’t hurt my feet even when I walk or stand on them for hours. 

Vans are aware most of their shoes are not so comfortable; hence they keep producing designs better than the previous ones to give that exciting feeling of walking on comfy shoes. From the look of things, they get it right soon. 

Currently, several designs are more comfortable, like the ComyCrush and sk8-hi. If you’re interested in owning a pair of Vans shoes that won’t irritate your feet, you could try out any of these. They may not offer world-class comfort, but they are doable and stylish. 

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