Why Do Doc Marten Boots Crease? [ How To Fix It]

The full-grain leather used to make Doc Martens boots may crease with time and use. The most appealing aspect of Doc Martens is full-grain leather, which has a softer feel and naturally shapes itself for a tight fit. Additionally, the comfort it will eventually offer is fantastic.

You cannot ignore wrinkles in your leather footwear, particularly full-grain leather boots like Doc Martens. As a result, you may be looking for a way to remove creases from Doc Martens. Don’t worry; I can help you with this.

You can use the quick and easy techniques I’ve compiled to remove the creases from your favorite pair of Doc Martens. I also have some tips for preventing long-term creases in leather shoes like Doc Martens.

Why Do Doc Marten Boots Crease

Why do my Doc Martens creak?

Creasing is inevitable, regardless of how costly or inexpensive your shoes are. Whether the crease appears sooner or later depends only on time. Even though it takes time for Doc Martens to wrinkle, you’ll eventually notice it.

These circumstances are the result of several causes and elements. They include;

  • The other main cause for creases to show is the quality of the leather. Even though premium leather can also crease, doing so takes time.
  • Otherwise, wrinkles may develop over time if you repeatedly press something on your upper body.
  • A crease may develop if your shoes are excessively snug on your feet.
  • Creases first emerge on the area of your feet that flexes most frequently.
  • When the leather in your boots has broken in and become more relaxed, this can lead to wrinkles once your feet have more room to bend at different angles and spots.
  • Your Docs may become creased or wrinkled if you don’t store them properly.

Why Do Doc Marten Boots Crease

How Do You Fix Creasing In Doc Martens?

To remove creases from Dr. Marten’s boots, polish them with a brush to remove any leftover dirt or old polish, then polish them with shoe polish or wax and shine them with a brush to remove any remaining creases.

The following are the most effective methods for removing creases from Dr. Marten’s boots:

1. Apply wax or shoe polish.

To make your boots sparkle again, apply wax or shoe polish. Simply use a clean cloth and a small amount of polish or wax to rub the boot. Once dry, use a different clean cloth to buff away any extra polish or wax.

2. The excess shoe polish can be removed using cotton pads and water.

Many people have trouble removing creases from their shoes. Using some cotton pads and water to remove extra shoe polish is one of the easiest techniques to get rid of creases. As long as the wrinkles are present, you can keep using these pads and water.

3. Alcohol will come in handy

You might be wondering if alcohol can make Dr. Marten’s shoes less wrinkled. In fact, it does. But rubbing alcohol is the type of alcohol you can use for this. You must adhere to these instructions in order for this method to effectively erase wrinkles.

In this situation, rubbing alcohol, a boot stretcher, a leather conditioner, and water are required. Grab a spray bottle and half-fill it with water. Shake the spray container after adding the remaining amount of rubbing alcohol. Spray the mixture on your shoes’ creases and give them a little massage.

4. Hair Blower

If you don’t feel comfortable using this method to remove wrinkles from Dr. Marten’s boots since it involves heat, you might want to try one of the other approaches instead.

By inserting a shoe stretcher into your boot, you can stretch the wrinkled region and treat the shoe with leather oil. After giving the oil a gentle massage, use heat from the dryer. To prevent hurting your shoe, limit the dryer’s distance from it to 5 to 6 inches.

5. Use an iron and spray starch

Put some old newspaper inside your boot and heat your iron to medium. Squeeze the water from a clean cloth after soaking it in water. The creased region should be covered with a damp cloth, and the iron should continue to move over it in a circular motion.

To prevent your boot from being harmed, the iron should rest in one spot. More than two seconds should not pass while the iron is stationary. Then, using a lint-free cloth sprayed with starch spray, stiffen the boot by wiping it.

Why Do Doc Marten Boots Crease

How do you wear Doc Martens without creasing?

Your Doc Martens may crease even if you try to prevent it. However, taking a little extra care while first wearing the boots can reduce the likelihood of creases more than usual. The following steps will help you effectively stop creasing.

  • Use a shoe tree to maintain the shape and tighten the leather.
  • When putting on boots, using a shoe horn will help prevent damaging the back of the boots or flexing them excessively.
  • Conversely, sneaker shields can also be used to avoid wrinkles when wearing boots.


Are Doc Martens easy to break in?

When the proper “break-in process” is followed, breaking in Doc Martens is simple. This entails wearing the Doc Martens sparingly over the course of a few days to a week while wearing thick socks to prevent discomfort. If you’d like, you can hasten the process by using a shoe stretcher and shoe stretching spray.

How many hours does it take to break in Doc Martens?

A pair of Doc Martens should be broken in over the course of four to six weeks by wearing thick socks and taking brief walks. However, if you accelerate the process by softening the boots with a hairdryer, leather conditioner, or a shoe stretcher, it may only take a pair of Doc Martens less than two weeks to break them in.

Do Doc Martens initially feel constricting?

When Doc Martens are first purchased, they will feel tight at first since they have not yet had time to fully break in. This is typical, and they will become softer with time.

How Do I Stretch Doc Martens that are Too Small?

A shoe stretcher and shoe stretching spray work best for extending too-small Doc Martens. The Doc Martens should be briefly dampened (but not soaked) with shoe stretching spray before the shoe stretcher is inserted. Go away for a day. To prevent creases, use a leather conditioner.


If you were searching for a solution, you now know how to remove creases from Dr. Marten’s boots. You shouldn’t be concerned if the creases in your Dr. Martens boots appear.

You don’t need to worry about creases if you want to keep your Docs looking brand-new, shining, and smooth at all times. You may avoid wrinkles by reading and applying the advice in this article.

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