Why Do Jordans Hurt Your Feet?


Jordans will hurt your feet if you buy and wear the small size. Another reason Jordans could harm your feet is that the material of the shoes may be unsuitable for your delicate skin, or the sneakers have not been properly broken in.

The vast majority of Jordan shoes in the collection are extremely comfortable for everyday wear. The Jordan 13 and Jordan 1 retro are outstanding and have received the most praise.

If the Nike Air Jordan sneakers hurt your feet, read this article to the end and I will tell you why it hurts, and how to avoid this pain because I have gone through pain from brand new jordans and I will tell you in this article what I did to fix it.


How can I make my Jordans more comfortable?

Given that they have soft padded ankle support, Jordan shoes are designed to be comfortable enough to wear all day. It’s true that this shoe isn’t the most comfortable one available, but because of how accommodating it is, it’s still great for people with wide feet.

1. Buy the appropriate size

This is common practice when purchasing shoes, whether online or in person. The best thing you can do to avoid incidents like this in the future is to go to a store and buy the correct size. Online ordering is pointless, and you may have to spend extra time returning and exchanging items, which is an additional annoyance.


2. Go for evening walks with your Jordans.

If your shoes are a little too tight, try walking around the house in them. Usually, repeating this for a few nights will help them relax until they feel at ease.

Allow your feet some time to recover if it’s hot outside or you’ve been walking a lot that day before attempting this technique. What about new shoes? To ensure that you can return the shoes in pristine condition if necessary, try to walk solely on carpeted or carpeted surfaces.

3. Find a qualified shoe repair person.

The majority of reputable cobblers or shoe repair shops provide stretching services. They can modify shoes because of the equipment and training they have. A cobbler may repair and update your current pair of shoes in addition to stretching them to increase their overall lifespan. However, due to a lack of interest, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find these stores in most places.


4. Use silicone heel cups.

If your heels are sore, the back and heel of your shoe may be too rigid. It’s also possible that your shoes aren’t providing enough arch support for your feet. Consider inserting an arch support insole or a silicone heel cup.

Both have adhesive on the back to prevent slipping and can be cut to size. Insoles that support your foot’s arch are usually labeled as such; if you can’t find any, look for something thicker in the middle of the insole, exactly where your foot’s arch should be.

5. Wear thick socks.

One of the safest methods for expanding your shoe is to wear thick socks. You can prevent having your feet come into direct contact with your Jordans by wearing socks with them. If you have sensitive skin, this lowers your risk of developing blisters and scratches on your feet.

Are Jordans comfortable walking in all day?

Yes, you can walk for a long time in your Jordans. Wearing new shoes for 10minute intervals for the first few days or weeks is frequently recommended by online users to ensure that the shoe properly adapts to your foot.

Users’ experiences may differ. Various individuals break in both early and late. There is also the option of heating the shoes, which usually helps the material expand and makes breaking them in easier for people with large feet.


Are Jordans supposed to feel tight?

This depends on the size you have chosen. Due to the fact that some Jordan sneakers have a tendency to become so loose, it is advised to size down since doing so may result in your feet having more room than you would like.

But not everyone will experience it the same way. This is the reason I initially proposed visiting actual brick-and-mortar retailers. In my own personal experience, I have never purchased the incorrect size of shoes when I went to the store and tried them on.

Do you need to break in Jordan 4?

Breaking in is necessary because the Air Jordan 4How To Break In Blundstone Boots [Best Guide] is not renowned for being a comfy sneaker right out of the box. The materials used in older technology are frequently very stiff and don’t provide any cushioning. Usually, a break-in period is necessary.

There must be a break-in time. It’s not too horrible, and after three hours, some break-ins occurred. I anticipate that it will take a few more hours for things to flex perfectly along the upper. The flaw is the lengthy break-in period. On the plus side, the substance is extremely robust.


Are Jordans good for your feet?

Jordans are excellent for your feet. The ultimate goal of every pair of Jordan shoes is to maximize comfort. The Jordan 4 is one example of a sneaker that may have a terrible reputation since the majority of customers think it is just plain awful.

However, as a user, you have the option to select the more comfortable Jordan models from the lineup, especially the Jordan 12 and 13, which are consistently regarded by experts in the footwear business as the most comfortable Nike Jordan models.

Can wide feet wear the Air Jordan 4?

Yes, people with wide feet can enjoy wearing this shoe. On the outside, the AJ4 appears very large and fits well A wide-footed person would not have trouble wearing these sneakers because of the internal fit, which fits true to size.

Those with large feet may find that going up a half size helps with this problem. The 4 appears to have plenty of interior space from the exterior since it is nice and robust. The shoe’s classic 80s appeal includes this “large” appearance. The interior is actually quite narrow, so this is, unfortunately, a little misleading.



Which size do I need for the Jordan 4?

The sizes in Jordan 4s are accurate. However, because they are so difficult to obtain, it is preferable to size up rather than down if your size is unavailable. Of course, you may always remove the insole if you can only go down by half, but I find it far more comfortable to add an insole if they’re too big.

What causes Jordan 4s to crack?

The majority of Jordans are constructed from a mix of materials, including leather. Like most other leather objects, the shoes’ leather may crack if it is not properly cleaned and maintained. After you’ve washed and allowed your shoes to totally dry, condition them.

How are Jordan 1 insoles removed?

Using a heat gun, oven, or another method, warm the insole. When the shoe is sufficiently heated, try pulling out the insole with a spoon or lever. Once the heel is successfully removed, carefully remove the remaining portion of the shoe.

How can the Jordan 4 be made more comfortable?

There are two ways to adjust the fit of the Jordan 4s. The first is to make sure the laces are loose by taking them out and re-lacing them. The alternative is to make the laces so tight that the shoes must break in.

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There are two ways to adjust the fit of the Jordan 4s. The first is to make sure the laces are loose by taking them out and re-lacing them. The alternative is to make the laces so tight that the shoes must break in.

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Jordans have a good feel and are amazing to wear. With shoes available in different price ranges, buying a Jordan shoe is always a good choice. With the help of these easy-to-understand tactics and tricks, you should be able to accurately determine the cause of your foot pain and stop it. There shouldn’t be any compromises made regarding a shoe’s user-friendliness.

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