Why Does Doc Martens Hurt Back Of Ankles?


Doc Martens may cause ankle pain if not properly broken in over a sufficient period. Customers who rushed through the break-in process without sufficient patience have undoubtedly complained about how difficult it was for their feet, particularly their ankles.

Anyone who has bought a brand-new pair of Doc Martens knows how difficult it is to get your new shoes to fit perfectly. Why is there a breaking-in period? Take a look at the type of leather they’re made of. Standard black, large DMs are made of stiff, harsh leather that takes time and cares to soften and provide the perfect fit.


How Do I Stop My Doc Martens From Hurting My Ankles?

Breaking in your boots is the best way to avoid ankle pain. Doc Martens shoes take time to break in. Wearing the shoes for a short period whenever possible, whether around the house or elsewhere, will allow you to do so most comfortably and without risking ankle damage.

As a result, you can ensure that your shoes break in as much as possible without overworking them to the point of pain. Many Doc Martens customers know that not all pairs of shoes are designed to break similarly. Some shoes are easier to make than others, requiring less time. Even getting it comfortable in the long run may require additional effort.


How Do You Break In The Back Of Doc Martens?

Some online experts claim that using a hairdryer while wearing the shoe can speed up the break-in process significantly faster than the traditional method of wearing it out and breaking it in.

They also recommend using shoe stretching spray and boot stretchers only if you want a quick but expensive solution. The most crucial step in softening the back of any pair of Doc Marten shoes is to ensure they are the correct size for your foot.

Otherwise, the wrong size option could make the task difficult and monotonous for some. It is the most challenging portion of any shoe to stretch out, especially if the breadth is off.


How to Break in Your Doc Martens

  • Put on some socks to protect your skin by starting with that. The greatest ones are thick. When you go out, bring an extra pair of socks just in case.
  • For one to two hours, go around your house wearing them. It would help if you moved for the leather to stretch; simply sitting won’t do.
  • To allow yourself more space when breaking the boots in, you can also take the inner soles off the boots.
  • I enjoy wriggling my foot forward as much as the boot will allow me to stretch the leather somewhat.
  • To begin with, don’t anticipate wearing them for very long. Start by putting them on for a few hours, then gradually increase the time. Alternate days of use with days off until they are broken in.

Tips for Breaking in Your Doc Martens Fasters

  • For several nights, extend the toe box with a boot stretcher. When not wearing them, you can cram newspaper inside of them securely.
  • During the breaking-in period, lace them differently: You may help the boot flex by lacing over the eyelet everywhere but at the base of your ankle.
  • Use a softening agent to soften them faster and avoid the leather cracking. I recommend Wonder Balsam, but you may also let them age naturally and tell their tale.

How Well Do Doc Martens Support the Arch?

Doc Martens have good arch support because of the padded “Airway” soles. The soles of these shoes are bouncy and highly comfortable. Consider adding an arch support insole to the Docs for additional arch support.
Dr. Martens sells a variety of insoles that can be purchased and added to the boots.

While the majority of their insoles offer adequate support, one of their premium insole products includes a “skeletal support module” designed to stabilize and support your arch and heels as you walk.

Walking Hurt in Doc Martens?

If not properly broken in with enough time allowed, Doc Martens can surely make it painful to walk. Customers have undoubtedly expressed how difficult it is to rush the break-in process without having enough patience for their feet, particularly their ankles.

Second, you must wear the shoes for shorter periods until they break in properly; otherwise, they will become exceedingly uncomfortable over time (no pun intended). If the shoes begin to hurt, take them off right away to avoid problems like blisters, red heels, or aching toes.

Should You Size Up Or Down Your Doc Martens?

It’s important to understand that Doc Martens are a chunky shoe style, and size can vary depending on the design when it comes to sizing. A woman’s style may fit more narrowly than a man’s style in the same size, but sizing up will change the length of the shoe rather than the width.

Remember that whole sizes are typically available, so if you find yourself in between, we advise going down to the next smaller size. Dr. Martens are true to size, but we always advise trying on any shoe in-store and getting advice from one of our experts because all shoe cuts differ depending on the shape and size of your foot.


Are Doc Martens Good For Walking All Day?

Due to their comfort and durability, Doc Martens are suitable for wearing at the office. They are pretty comfy to wear all day because of their cushioned soles. They are the perfect work boots since they have a thick tread that provides excellent traction while walking during a shift.

The Docs were created to be reliable and cozy work boots. Fuel, fat, oil, alkali, and acids are all resistant to the original Doc Martens sole. Some boots have steel toes for further protection when worn as work boots.

You can stay comfortable in my Doc Martens for 12 hours or longer at a time. On forums, many other customers rave about how great they are for wearing while working a shift standing up.


Is it better to size up in Dr. Martens?

It is best to size up. When purchasing, remember that these iconic Dr. Martens boots tend to run a little small for their size.

How tight should Dr. Martens be?

The first time you wear your boots, they should feel pretty snug but not uncomfortable. Usually, you should extend roughly six millimeters (25mm) past your toes. When worn in, boots will stretch and become softer, but if you try them on and they feel too tight, they are too small, and you should size up.

Why are Doc Martens so popular?

They were inexpensive, durable, and ideal for postal workers, police officers, and other employees who had to stand all day. Any new countercultural trend immediately adopted the boot, and among many others, glam, punk, skinhead, and Goth fashion all made extensive use of them.

How do you break in Doc Martens with a hair dryer?

Pull on your boots, don your double socks, and then use your blow dryer to dry them. I recognize that this is a rather strange request. However, by heating your boots with a blow dryer, you can help them become more flexible while you stretch and break them in. Everything is softer and simpler after heating the leather.



The fashion world is so lucky to have shoes like Doc Martens. Has this article been of help to you? With this information, I hope you are well-equipped to either buy a pair of these rad boots or improve the comfort of the pair you already own. 

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